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  1. SEAL you forgot something on yur piece
  2. normally keep my mouth shut... but this kids always catchin beef when hes standing up for his shit but this is a different story,,, PORE u be jocking that young cat HOME's E real hard... sorry .. u got issues take it up with him not me..
  3. 1. the hindu version is not know as a swastika and does not have the half turn like the nazi emblem does.. as for the arbor 'O' if meant to represent the hindu version ,it is terribly wrong in part to the red and quarter turn... Fuck nazi's most biggots are dumb ass shit anyway
  4. your sick of new kids? yet you post aser, eats, and limoe, what the hell are you talking about
  5. ...live large , nice house 5 cars. shoulda posted more flicks
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