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  1. SEAL you forgot something on yur piece
  2. normally keep my mouth shut... but this kids always catchin beef when hes standing up for his shit but this is a different story,,, PORE u be jocking that young cat HOME's E real hard... sorry .. u got issues take it up with him not me..
  3. nm rend the handstyle at the very end of that banner llok liked some shit from my way ... which i got some beef with
  4. yo Rend ... where are you from?
  5. thats it kid... stay in the books until you really think your ready... obviously yur in a good city... i seen kids say in here that simple shit is stupid balh bleh blah blah but damn... look at raels ... most his shit is simple as hell but damn its dope and clean... i say the same for navy8 as well simple but as dope as they come in my book...
  6. that say triump? ..well not much to say except bleh... just put that on hold and pull out the simple shit..
  7. my bad... .. but yah simpler is better if you aint got a handle on that wilder shit is gonna be pointless to try... got to have the structure down... shit maybe ,, Gine,,, might work .... also you might want to check some Raels, Pestoe, karma, resto, lyes... those are sum good ones and just look at as much shit as possible... freightsrus.com and lay-lo.com and 12oz's metal head always have good flicks... but id say go more simpler with more evenness through it... on that newer one thats nopt to bad good at keepin shit clean...ok letters ..that second one is bleh... but liek i said definatley looks at some RAELS shit and you see what i mean by evenness
  8. eh... got any simpler shit G-soul...if ya do lets see it
  9. yo but lookin through the stuff you got there you got ok letter forms peaking out on that E, G, and N... you should check out nime's shit ...lay-lo.com is a good site...i like the n...not the style to it but the form if you see what im sayin.... im not sayin do block buster shit but work out the forms b4 you add style... *edit* damn i forgot to say sumthing work with making you letters fat... maybe you be better doin GONE isntead of GONE dunno...
  10. DKbmx836.... chill out on trying to add style for now... work on the basics... try with more simple shit and work on developing good letter forms before goin at it with style.... and by the wayy..you should probly pic a diffrent name cuz theres a goner in VA that kills shit so... be better off trying to come up wiht another name... real words always seem to make dope names... (spelled correctly that is) ...besides when your shit gets more developed your probly gobnan wanna stuck with that name soo.. not sayin you should change but just a thought....
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