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  1. awesome....................................awesome
  2. fuck... common was on tonite? those sp hydra cushions are rad + hella rad graff too
  3. for shure... it looks like it says 2005 on it too.. im assuming that green was some kind of euro paint, that shit is like spray chalk
  4. thats a good effin thread
  5. rad post dude Sky Eye Railway Services, Inc. "The railroad industry is constantly having to respond to the competitive challenge of other transport modes like trucks, which are implementing more real-time monitoring as a function of customer demand," says Bruno S. Pietrobon, vice president-business development for Sky Eye. With the rise of just-in-time service, accurate railcar tracking and ride quality monitoring are becoming necessities. In the short term, Pietrobon says, the fault detection market will grow in coverage of such time sensitive freight as perishables, automobiles,
  6. fuckin sucks to get youre shit pulled right?
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