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  1. this page is killer thus far...
  2. who's this guy tryin' to fool? might have been born in the morning but not this morning!
  3. I second this comment
  4. aww little doggie are you the authority on that too? :)
  5. clearly mindofamaniac is the authority on who bitches are and are not.
  6. FROST and VATOE crushing!
  7. ehh... the pitch forks are commonly misunderstood. I can tell you it has nothing to do with what you're thinking it does. I'm not going to explain it because it's not for the rest of the world to know about. you'll also notice an upside down crown. it's all related to something other than a gang.
  8. nice yo erabto lookin' dangerously close to erupto... stop it...
  9. Same NR that's also in SD & Vancouver?
  10. dood your comment is your perspective and you're entitled to it. i will vehemently disagree with you with regard to the comment about proving the legitimacy of your work. if there's anything that flicks absolutely prove is the legitimacy of your work. you either have flicks to show what you did or it's just a story about a big fish. maybe what you meant to say is that people that put in real work are missing flicks... i agree that doesn't make them somebody that didn't accomplish anything. they obviously did but the problem is it doesn't prove it. that's the main point there.
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