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  1. Okay that's better. I love constructive criticism. I play with many different styles so be sure to check out my last 15 posts on here when you judge. I've been painting for a while and I love painting with and trading tips with new people. I have really good self esteem and it seems you do to, but I would never dicourage another writer, even if they suck cuz there's room to learn. And there's no need to get personal. peace wayyyyyyy better.
  2. Awal, Morose, Beer, Sumie
  3. Quoted post Quoted post [/b]
  4. Also S's that loof like 5's are cheesy as fuck :yuck:
  5. look bitch don't even talk to me until you can do verts on a train. I bet that would look like shit in your way clean plastic block style. . this thread sucks. all people do i tear eachother down. I don't care who you are, if you can't show some class I got no respect for you. Peace to Riku. Keep it real. See you in the yards..
  6. Awal,Morose, Beer, Sumie ....SONday bitches
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