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  1. Maybe I'm crazy, but maybe that reo flick shouldn't be on the internets? What, with that whole specific name on there and what have?
  2. Jesus....that last ones a super banger, never saw that one before.
  3. Aloe, Oake, Jarno, and Jimboe are not in YL.
  4. Hey Kema, Your zine came out real nice. I can't make most of it out, but the movement and greys are slick. Heres a Ouija joint, YL.
  5. I think the true watermark for a writer is having foreign knockoffs. You're like a louis vuitton handbag.
  6. As far as shooting photos in low light conditions with a point and shoot, I suggest one of two things: turn the iso down as far as possible, but shoot with the highest resolution/filesize possible, turn the flash off, turn the timer on, and steady your camera with a tripod, on a rail, or a makeshift 30 rack holder. I took this photo at night, with a little available light from the highway up above, with a crappy 3.1mp camera, on iso50, resting on the train tracks, at the highest resolution that camera had: If you really need an insurance shot, or if a piece is so hot you just need to remember it, i suggest using the old trainwriter method of taking two angle shots with a flash and photoshopping them together. I have a camera now with some sort of dumb stupid high iso setting, like, 3200 maybe? and I would never use it, it just makes things look weird. I'd rather take a darker photo and then edit it, rather than have a bunch of weird noise going on.
  7. A friend went there for his honeymoon, said it was the business. Did you book somewhere with a poolside(as in in the pool, not next to the pool) bar?
  8. Nice old irm fills. 20 pounds of shit now in the five pound bag!!!!
  9. I hate it when black people say "talbots" or "401k".
  10. True talk is the store brand of real talk, its like the cereal that comes in a bag at the bottom of the shelf.
  11. the brand that makes that puma kola (sprecher? something like that?) also makes some other fine beverages as well.
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