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  1. im not saying shit about who won and who should have, however the whole drips arguement is weak....you can be the cleanest mother fucker in the world but if you bite the shit out of played out graff styles then thats not really worthy of note, hey props to those who rock old school styles well and props if you love it. thing is that comps like this should be more about ideas and innovation, drips or not, if you burn you burn. technique is important, but style is moreso.
  2. is there an australian event in the works? i think this stuff is a killer idea, if you dont consider it graffiti then thats cool, doesnt mean it shouldnt be done. fact of the matter is that this sort of thing requires an entirely different angle to participate as opposed to illegal graffiti. saying this shit isnt 'real graffiti' is like saying dondi wasnt a 'real writer' because he sold work in galleries. thing is that the people who organise this sort of thing create or have created illegal graffiti (i am assuming) and the people who participate in the event must have attained their skills somewhere, so im sure they have been involved in the shady side aswell. the moment you start saying graffiti has this precise definition is the moment it ceases to be what it is. when heads first started writing on walls and creating pieces i doubt they sat down and wrote up a dictionary definition of 'keeping it real' back then i think it was just kids having fun. then if you want to come back with how it has evolved into something else, well this event is just a further evolution. lincoln freed the slaves armstrong walked on the moon why should graffiti maintain boundaries?
  3. molotow, when you can afford it, it rocks the spot. cheers for that digging the three colour shadow line on that wall with fiasko
  4. hey askew, dope stuff man. i wanted to ask about this piece with the dog in the flick might seem like a stupid question, but how did you get this so vibrant on the raw brick wall? did you lay down buff first just where you needed it? or is it just all molotows or something thick like that? cheers bro
  5. oh cheers for that bro, just cheap markers. heres another one i posted on another thread a while ago
  6. http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/2039/katse27cp.jpg
  7. working out how to host and post
  8. why buy paint that you dont know when you already have killer stuff at hand, especially when the american stuff is going to be the same price as euro paint. the shipping is a killer and once you do the USD-AUD conversion, it comes up to around the same as euro paint.
  9. the american writer paint is called blubber colors (i think) they have a website and all. last time i checked they had about six colours (maybe four?). it was around $4us a can, but since that would equate to about the same as beltons here in oz i didnt really bother chasing it up
  10. to an extent you gotta learn shit for yourself, i mean you cant jump on the net and all of a sudden have the dopest can control etc. matrix style. but i think theres too many kids coming out with no decent mentors, and they end up being 'into graff' for five seconds and think they can rack a couple of cheap tins and do unplanned pieces of crap over full burner productions, or bomb all over the work of other writers who have paid their dues. we got this problem in our town where theres a whole range of newbs coming out of the woodwork without having touched a piece of paper to sketch on and capping pieces just because 'thats what graffiti is'. im all for kids having to get their own ideas about more advanced techniques and all, but if you can sling em the basics and school em on the basic 'rules' then we will all be better off in the long run and wont have to look at all the hideous pieces with no theory and no structure
  11. oh yeah, and in my town theres a whole bunch of kids getting into the game thinking they are immediately kings crossing out and capping burners with a couple of racked tins of chisel paint and zero letter structure, chisel fill, chisel outline, chisel background, chisel keyline (aura, whatever), chisel highlights..............
  12. just thought i would give an australian point of view. you can get most brands of paint over here but if you cant rack then you get used to paying up big time. not sure of conversion rates but all prices are approximate and in aussie dollars................. euro paints- molotow= $15 montana= $15 pro line= $13 ral= $13 cant get rustos (that i know of) but standard krylons are $10 whilst accents (if you can find em) are about $15, this is a pretty standard price for a whole range of other paints (that you wouldnt bother getting due to cost vs quality) including plasti-cote and some aussie brands, some paint can get up to the $17-$20 mark there are two aussie brands that get used alot, dulux which has a few different ranges but the one that gets used most has a very limited range of colours, most of which are crap. generally you are looking at flat black, sky blue, galaxy blue, gold or chrome (as far as the decent quality colours go) and you generally pay around $6-$7 for it (if your lucky you can pick up the chrome for $4) then there is the new stuff made by writers, ironlak, which is generally pretty ordinary (changes colours as you use it, and some of the colours are weak as piss) but you are looking at around $7-$8. these are all the paints that will take caps that you would bother buying (im open to corrections on this), there is other stuff, but you would only get it if you can rack it, the cost just aint worth it. we do have access to cheaper paints aswell though, so for around $2-$3 you can pick up an export or five star, however alot of it is shithouse. the other thing about this is that they do not take caps, they are male tins and they have a fan spray nozzle or chisel cap as we call them. so the stock cap debate is almost redundant there, sure you can still do outlines if you want to, but it takes serious practice to get a uniform line with a chisel tip, and they tend to be runny as hell. thats enough ranting from me, im sure theres more on this to be said, but whatever peace
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