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Everything posted by slave_one

  1. i too wonder about the same exact thing.
  2. just making a special appearance on your special thread.
  3. hey it's been a while E. happy birthday!
  4. adrien brody? or someone that looks like him?
  5. ahahah symbols...best picture evarrrrr!
  6. i think what bugs me the most is that you spelled friendship wrong. geez man.
  7. yes...so all you guys on 12oz can know all about it. wtf little girl looks like she's got down syndrome.
  8. make all these dudes pay...to see your pictures. hustle that shit.
  9. i wanted to make a thread like this too. remember the "black metal ad"? i couldn't find it. and then, i found it. on my own. so proud of myself.
  10. i guess chicks just can't get enough of that wonka bar, aye?
  11. like...for reals dude. myspace = second life
  12. some people answer their myspace messages faster than their phone calls. i believe it.
  14. am i the only loser at work today... signing in. at least i get to leave at 1pm.
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