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Everything posted by slave_one

  1. urban clothing for the urban artist.
  2. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=103417 third rail dood
  3. she just looks like she's wearing braces.
  4. Re: So I bought tickets to Burning Man 2005, hahah...we should go to burning man, porkchop! like, omglolwtfbbq
  5. i think we're just getting older and getting more easily annoyed... well maybe just me.
  6. for all your problems - girlfriend, car, term paper... hit up 12oz.
  7. daaamn you guys are mean. jabba the hut? ghoulies? that is so wrong. you should experience teh porkchop live and in person. very cute.
  8. wow good luck with that. ::appreciated::
  9. haha...good one. i'm sure people on here will answer your wonderful term paper questions truthfully.
  10. like, omg. i'm sooo offended by this thread. i try my best, you know, to not look and act like a typical socal asian... so um, that's why i do graffiti and hang out with mexicans.
  11. it sucks sifting thru threads on there sometimes with only a few pictures per page. but then there some really good photos. so it's half and half.
  12. who are you HP? damn most everybody changed their name around here.
  13. sooki wanted her blackbook back by the way
  14. http://www.marylen.com/pot3.htm
  15. you can show the ladies your bewbs. just the ladies. they'll appreciate it more than teh doods.
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