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Everything posted by slave_one

  1. Re: the official 'porkchop gettin her pussy hole blew the fuck out by her cousin' thread ^ yes ma'am we definitely are. ;)
  2. slave_one browsing at work as always.
  3. Re: the official 'porkchop gettin her pussy hole blew the fuck out by her cousin' thread that was beautiful miss porkchop. no homo, no sarcasm.
  4. i grew up in the 80's, but i don't dress it or go to 80's clubs.
  5. yeshomo i'm having AIM withdrawals. i mish you.
  6. not having instant messaging at work is driving me nuts!
  7. slave_one

    Ask Dr. HAL

    omg the Jesus Potato spoke! it's a sign.
  8. slave_one

    Ask Dr. HAL

    thanks symbols and OG...that helps. haha symbols, seems like i fall into a pre mid life crisis once or twice a year.
  9. slave_one

    Ask Dr. HAL

    Dear Old Growth, I think I'm having a pre-mid-life crisis. I'm almost 30. Is it too late to switch careers? I currently work as a designer/production artist in an office, it's great but I'm thinking about tattooing, which means I'm going to have to be an apprentice for how many more years. Any thoughts?
  10. i'm learning spanish the more i read this thread. awesome!
  11. dude. i'ma be up there soon. please believe i will be puking in someone's crib.
  12. damn ego, is that your favorite picture? i coulda sworn you posted them beans a gang of times...
  13. slave_one


    haha...bitch! i clicked on that shit too.
  14. slave_one


    ahahahah...that you do.
  15. wow i don't know what to say. hey at least awesomeness runs in your family? sorry sweetheart.
  16. haha, amazing photochopping. this page rocks by the way.
  17. i thought the site was intended to be a joke? i'm confused. and what's up with them selling these?
  18. nigga, you crazy and i'm getting off work soon.
  19. what are you talking about? you went offline, did you not? you confuse me.
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