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  1. First, my first girlfriend was South Korean. Second, I had a flag project due, and I did South Korea. Third. Has anyone seen 'Oldboy'? Reminds me of an asian kill bill.
  2. Just check in with 12 ounce. I've been drinking less, lost 10 pounds, broke op with my girl, had a girl fall in love with me. What the fuck is up fellas? PMB, Mammski and the greek feller. Lately i been playing poker and faxing my resume to anyone and everyone. I've always loved the people on this message board, so i hope you guys aren't mad at me for spilling my feelings. I left my fucking ipod in my buddys car so now i have no music to listen to. i'm all about bloc party but on NYE i went to roseland and saw JP. I still have fucking shell scock. I did a tango with some blonde but fugg it. this girl looks like a tranny, but she is hot in person.
  3. That's fine. If it wasn't forced and the players endorsed it, ok. I'm a democrat but sick of pussies.
  4. Damn. Lecter, I think you're young but it seems you have a head on your shoulders.
  5. Didn,t bother through all this. Do you work? Who do you run with? Special skills? I'm shit housed but it appears youre looking for employ. Am I ill informed?
  6. 60k is the most ive lost in HE. bring your game blowjobsssssssssss!
  7. I sold this tempur-pedic mattress tonight. No bars around here will hire me. All the bar owners have heard about my antics. But I sell 2,600 dollar sleepers.
  8. "In a Khazaki, I was a make a ice, I was a gypsy catcher, and I a work a with a animal."
  9. I got a deep freexer up on my chest and sno-cones up in my ears I got ice trays up in my teeth and I'm lookin' sumpin' like a chandelier.
  10. shaolin, i am shit faced right now we need this thread.
  11. Glik daddy, the block becomes a disaster national, whence me and you over do it with those rona's
  12. Is that little bitch from OZ trying out a rapping career? Tell him i just missed a 65% draw in Omaha Hi/Lo so feel free to bet and take down the pot.
  13. You'll be fine. I'm guessing you just don't want your parents to know. You might have to do some community service. I don't wanna sound like a fag, but write a letter and you'll be fine. I was born and raised in NYC and that's how you do things. An underager stealing beer? All I can say is 'DUDE?!?!?!?!??!?!?????? I've ran ass naked through some of the---------forget it. Seriously. You're gonna be fine man.
  14. Welp, I woke up at 3:30a.m. to 4 different bags of Boar's Head and 4 fresh rolls....and 3 banana peels. So basically my drunk food is 20 dollars worth of meat and fruit. Did i neglect to mention that i was eating fucking branches of cilantro? Yah, like fucking twigs or some shit. *Edit: The money situation is the worst it's ever been right now. (borrowing money from ex's type shit). It's a non-gully situation.
  15. Yeah, remember the siege at Waco. What was I...ten years old when that shit happened? I was born in '84 ....Waco was in like 93 or 94 right? They had some great documentaries on that whole thing.
  16. When I have a nice load on, I say 'yeah man....word' repeatedly.
  17. This was last monday. Ain't nuttin' like a good exfoliation at the local public house.
  18. ease the fuck up lest i reprimand you. I;m in no mood for that lest you wanna be romped.
  19. I never get cocked up right without a nice stiff 'rum and diet baby' w/ the baby included baby. A nice Long Island will also do ol' Matty proper if he's in the playful mood. If not, a Hot Toddy will suffice. In all seriousness though, a rum & diet or a homemade caucasian = cloud nine baby.
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