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  1. It's awesome. The graphics are incredible, I don't know how they can make a PS2 do such things when every other game PS2 comes out with has such awful graphics. The gameplay is incredible, although I'm not a super hardcore street racer kid, or a veteran of racing games, I found the gameplay to be very detailed....well except the fact that cars still bounce off each other and other shit and never break but...oh well. ....and the cars. GT4 has like every fucking car ever. From your old civic, to old muscle cars, to a 49 beetle, to the first mercedes ever (1886!). Definately an awesome game, even moreso if you're really into cars...too bad I only rented it..
  2. ^ I'm sure you could find it somewhere if you really wanted, because it's already out on DVD. Someone just bought the rights and put it in theatres (like Quentin Tarantino did with 'Hero'). Amazon linky
  3. ...watched it last night on DVD. Awesome fighting, shitty plot. Worth the watch for sure though. The animation in this movie looks awesome, but it looks like it's not really animated...just a series of really cool video filters, and from fermentor's info sounds like it has a lot of potential...that is, if they don't fuck it up.
  4. Let's just pretend like we all know what you're talking about....
  5. Post 'em up. Why not? Sage and Aesop are both weird lookin fuckers, especially when Sage had a giant beard.
  6. That first pic looks photoshopped to hell. *Look at the shadow on the 'head'. It looks like its being cast on a wall directly behind them, but that's the floor. Also, the girl's shadow is nowhere to be seen. Almost like someone pasted the head on and added a drop shadow...
  7. Holy shit, live like a fucking bum in your own house! Total piss party! GO BEEEER! Why would you glamorize and share this with people? If this shit happened to me even once, I would be embarassed as fuck, and trying to figure out what's wrong, not gloating about it.
  8. There's a way around that too, I think it something to do with vitamin B and a couple aspirin. But yea, you dilute your piss, then take a few vitamins/aspirin and it gives your piss some substance and color. So they stick their little test swab in the diluted piss, it of course comes up clean, and the poor lab tech guy would never even think twice about it. I think they called it substitution. But who cares really? If it's that important just give it a break for a few weeks and get some excecise.
  9. ^ Yea, it caught me a little of guard too. Not just a little info or shots, but the whole plot revealed (including who dies, and how Vader came to be). So yea, be careful if you click, and try not to read the words for real. When's the release date again? *Edit - November 5th. Teaser Trailer
  10. FUCKING HELLA SPOILERS I have a feeling this movie is going to be better than the rest though. It looks awesome.
  11. Whoa... ...let's hope they pass on the kool-aid.
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