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  1. Talking about actual brown paper bags that have been screen printed or stamped.
  2. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5138/5449301577_30348261a9.jpg[/img This is the one I found on Google. Stuff like this.
  3. I have three custom 40oz bags that I have picked up through the years and I have held onto them. Well now I am getting around to framing them and am looking for more. It feels like cheating because it has taken me probably about almost 10 years to come across the three I have. I found one doing a Google search but I'm wondering if anyone else knows of anything like thtis done by artist or whatever that may be for sale.
  4. buy HD2s or get them for free from your carrier. hack the gibbson and enjoy running android win mobile win7 linux all from your "old out dated" phone
  5. Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella and some android photoshoping.
  6. These are actually from weeks apart, But i use it almost daily. I figure the stuff has so many know health benefits to it that eating it regularly can only do one thing for me and that is live forever. It did and it sucked.
  7. DD does not put sleeves on their small coffee. it annoys the shit out of me, fuck this place. i have not been on this in a while here are some things i have pictures of recently. cherry wood smoked Lasagna 5Lbs of kimchi Chicken sausage snails *books on food that kids will eat are full of shit* Korean Radish kimchi Shitake fried rice
  8. Thats what they call a dry rib. Basically its a rack of ribs smoked over wood of choice *cherry in my case* then as soon as it comes off the smoker its hit with a liberal amount of rub. No Sauce, most of my friends and family look at me silly cause they are used to smothering ribs in sauce but after trying this they go bonkers. give it a try gotta have a good rib rub though
  9. Scrapple with a healthy dose of ketchup is heavenly. Used to sit with my pop pop weekend mornings and have a side of scrapple with breakfast. he would have his Nitroglycerin tablets next to him cause he was working on his 4th heart attack but he would still eat scrapple with out a care in the world scrapple is generally feet, hearts, skin and shit that fell onto the floor compressed into a block of grey.
  10. +1 on carrot burgers. im very interested.... would you mind forwarding a recipe or some pointers for how to make them.
  11. DFH namaste, for some reason this year i have been all about the Saisons and witbiers & heffe's where as usually im not a huge fan, and Coors light. the cold activated can makes drinking fun and im trying to win me some football tickets
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