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if you could have sex with anyone in the world, who would it be?


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i'd go insane trying to choose. with that kind of responsibility, i don't know if i could maintain, i'd flip out. being a conniseur(sp), i'd seriously take so long the options i would be debating would no longer be hot...



fuck copping out, i'd bang jessica biel, fuck it...


or wait...


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that, my friend, is a very hard question.


But i will have to say a 3some with my boyfriend and

adriana lima?

Veronica ze....(can't spell her last name)?

Masumi Max?

most of the girls from that Cali es somethin site.


the possibilities are endless.


*thanks to Clay refreshing my memory,

Salma Hayek,

as much as i despise her "acting"

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Originally posted by CinchedWaist

it looks good on her tho...some girls wouldn't look right with big tits.

Exactly......I think she would look really weird with big breasts. I think some girls look super hot with small breasts. Gwen being one of them


SOmeone is complaining she's too old at 35? WTF? That is by far the lamest thing I've read on 12oz in the past week.


I've got a crush on Gwen Stefani like a Amazon python on a hapless villager who wasn't paying attention while bathing down at the river.

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