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  1. i saw a bumper sticker one day that read: JESUS CHRIST never leave earth with out him thats all.
  2. this is by far worse than any thread i have ever created or any comment i have ever made...that is sad... ll_ 0 5 3 r 2 punk r@wk!!@#@!!!@#@#%@#%@#$%^
  3. this is wierd. fucking wierdo.
  4. i like the fat mallgoths. they make me laugh.
  5. punk is sticking your wiener in an electric outlet. fuck wearing studs and checked pants duuuudeessss. punk rawk!
  6. anti flag rulez, punks drool!!! http://www.stockphotography.co.uk/Upload/Stock/Previews/9100.jpg'>
  7. oi oi argy bargy theres nothing legit here just some good ol' fuckin punk rawk!!!! how you gonna post bmx moves and not rad?! or gleaming the cube hahaha. didntk now christian slater could "thrash" could ya? p.s. bolognia smells real bad after sitting out for a few days.
  8. sludgenuts

    Hi :(

    awww awww sucks to be you. this is the very reason i punched the screen of my laptop out.
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