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  1. astrodome now has its own zipcode bc so many peopl are there. 77230.
  2. at least yer house aint floatin'
  3. you like how they cut to levey talk when j.j. got to that stuff. and cut back when he was done.
  4. what boggles me here is how the media keeps calling these people "refugees" and theyre not, they are tax paying americans. also ina time of such despair, and people are in such a deperate state, they continue to cover things like looting, as if these people are criminal.
  5. i really dig that steez, weaksauce.
  6. -go to mississippi, spend a day playing poker on a riverboat. -go back to houston and figure out why that horse was driving a truck -collect flattened pennies wharever you go -turn around cause im in town and we could be drinkin a coldbeer right about now -keep goin, BE SAFE! and loop around ill meet you in philly. -im leaving a few things i brought for you in your room. -whatever you do keep the fuck in touch, jesus. happy travels.
  7. this is Pfffft under my boys name....... yeah...we painted last night too cracksmoka...warehouse door spot off 76(right near the train tracks right past south st. bridge....you should be able to see if driving by..holler...
  8. man i know i keep tthinkin bout callin but i know you got stories a mile long, im waitin for a good time to sit down with some smokes and listen to em all.
  9. and what would you know... i just copped the hank williams hillbilly hero 4 disk box. fuckin stoked, he sings dope songs about freight trains.
  10. I literaly listen to this cd everyday. its so good.
  11. thats what everyone says before they go.
  12. yo i played a freez out tournament yesterday at this straight up swank spot! a buddy took me there this dude rents this spot stricktly for poker games. walk in and theres like five tables big tvs on the wall. the other room was a gigar/lounge room. this place was done up proper. thouroughly impressesd. as for the tournament i was doin well. chip leader for a while. called and all in with 10-q suited. fuckin idiot. other than than me and thugtrains took a beatin' last week foxin' with them damn table games. and i had this dude looked like he wanted to castrate my first born son bc i got a
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