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  1. what the fuck, this shit is back, i'm smiling. rags pigs nightowls. yakt and dr. sex say hi.......
  2. your nasty enufski. hows the prince albert ?
  3. rock out with your cocks out tonight boys, new years in u.s., and its time to get wasted........ "somebody" told me that they "overheard" "some guy" say he's gonna throw a bit of a riot tonight... should be fun.....
  4. the ways i appreciate alure are uncountable. but how about the time the cops were towing your car and i wouldn't wake up for the cops, the tow truck gets there, and finally you wake me up and when i get out, my bag falls open and lmarkers, pills, and paint fall everywhere. you picked it all up for me and got me somewhere safe, probably your crib, i don't remember, and i woke up a free man to get wasted again. i most definitely appreciate you.... how you living earmuffs?! come south, i'm in portland, lets paint.........

    12oz meet.

    yo, i'm down, 12oz wastoids are always down. nightowl re-union or some shit.........

    hair of the dog

    gasper bringing the heaters...

    505 AREA

    mas chingon. orale sofa.
  8. i have the impression that i'll beat your ass. i am going to stomp you. i am calling you out, starting personal beef. i want to fight you. your a fucking pussy. hope that settles that, now lets get down to the fist fight. i can't wait.
  9. had to open your mouth didn't you? i'm gonna whip your ass mesr. please don't get it twisted, this is not net beef, and i'm going to find you. i can't wait. what size shoe you wear?....
  10. whiskey and potatoes. i'm so irish i even went and got the tatoos. i likes me taters. and i loves me whiskey.....
  11. Re: NIGHT-OWLS: word has it we've got Boogiehands sorry about the delay. i just did a couple weeks in l.a. county, got caught doing a rooftop in manhattan beach. its still buring, pigs crew represent. i got out about a day ago. i'm in hollywood or venice on the regular. i'm going to send you a number to get ahold of me. i think we're gonna go paint some writers block shit in san diego...
  12. you have made me see the light, and i am changing my ways due to your sound tutelage. i will change the way i treat women immediately, and i will no longer steal. thanks boogie.
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