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  1. greatest hits albums shouldnt be allowed. *edit- "disintergration is the best album ever!"
  2. i go back on monday. less than a week. im already fucking sick of it.
  3. 5. Cage- Scenester 4. Young Jeezy ft Jay Z- Go Crazy(remix) 3. Grant Lee Buffalo- Jupiter and Teardrop 2. Echo and the Bunnymen- Rescue 1. New Order- ICB
  4. wash dishes like a real man. restaurant jobs are good cuz you can always sell drugs out of the back, steal food, or take home waitresses. plus, its never hard to find one whos hiring if you look semi-presentable.
  5. niggas thought m o p stand for mop and shit!
  6. the new joint "helicopters" is maddddddddd hot. a friend of mine told a story about mop cutting the mics and pouring water all over their equipment at a show. something about them hating dame dash. anyone know the deal?
  7. ^^^ ive had the same problem where mine is so sensitive it will pause if the ipod is jiggled, but only when its locked. i got a pair of akg 44 cheap studio monitors for about 20$. they have held up in all dj aspects as well as studio monitering where all others ive used have split at the earpiece. what would fix this whole thread is a soldering lesson.
  8. change name to "The "Ipod Headphones Suck" Thread"
  9. all you need to do is mix some bleach and ammonia.
  10. yea i know i havent posted any flicks in awhile and forgot the sizing. next one will be on point.
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