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    food? way to survive dingus. It'd be better if you starve.
  2. ohh well. Then thanks for playing. And Trackstand go kiss some prostitutes you mono getting piece of viral infection. New Do- DO refer to people as pieces of viral infection.
  3. Haha ok that was beautiful. If PMB did that, its worthy of a golf clap. If you did that the clap is yours my friend.
  4. pfft. Read the brackets. The laughing didn't make it any better. Maybe if it had been maniacle (like just a bracket saying [Maniacle Laughter]). Then I would of been down. But thanks for playing.
  5. So I've re-emerged lately as a bit of a net geek. I.e. I have been procrastinating on my life alittle by comming here, and reading vice magazine online. These two things combined have made me realise 12ozprophet needs a thread for its own Do's and Don'ts. To start of - DO dress reminiscent of a early to mid nineties rapper and use obscure and completely unrelated slang (such as the word "Digger") at the same time. Not only is the obscure slang funny on its own. It helps combat the possible wigger vibes your camoflage backpack, your fluro pink synthetic nike hat, or your chunky ass ice t style sunglasses may be giving off. Avoiding the wigger potential of this Do is essential. But if its done sucessfully, you'll be loved by anyone worth being loved by. At least until you open your big trap and they realise you got that funk from a fucking a message board. When your staying over at someones house in a different city, DO leave them little presents lying around their house that they will only find a day or two after you leave. Not only does it show your appreciate their hospitality, it breaks down that retarded emo social barrier ish. When seeing someone getting clearly made an innocent victim. DO intervene public hero style and offer to fight whoevers doing the victimising. You may get charged with assuault. And you may get a broken nose. But you will be one of those few people who have a sense of morality and are willing to throw down for it. And plus if I know you and know you do that shit I'll probably buy you a drink and always go out of my way to be polite to you because I like genuine people like that. When someone rolls on one of your friends to fight them with a bunch of their people standing around, and those other people start yelling shit like " fucking beat his head in franky". DO single those people out and say something like "who the fuck do you think your talking about faggot? Is this your fight? Want to make it your fight?". Not only is having other people cheer on the guy who your friends fighting a psychological no no. It's justice that those who want to encourage the fight should be put in a situation where they will probably have to fight themselves. Most of the time they don't expect some stranger standing there to single them out like that and kind of go all quiet. Either that or you end up having to fight some psychopath in which case, you are beat up with your friend which is a pretty dam noble thing to do. Presuming the guy really is your friend. Now some don't DON'T say first when your the first person to reply to a thread (no doubt someone would of tried it on this thread, nice joke loser. Predictable much?) It's an old joke and redoing is just fuels arguements that 12ozprophet has run out of juice. Find something orginal to put at the start of every thread. DON'T make stupid gay, racial or just crude jokes. Theres are three main types of humour, witty, self referential and crude. Witty is good because their is some skill. self referential is good because it shows your confident enough to make fun of yourself. Crude is for insecure douche's with no imagination. Thats it for now, feel free to add on. go.
  6. Ohh and after the bday party I saw My Disco play. They were good. Then they danced around with the stragglers to shitty music after the show. Thats awesome... I also did a "Chuck norris can make a woman orgasm simply by pointing* and saying "BOOYAH!"" tag in the bathroom. But thats got nothing to do with this threads topic. Apparently theres going to be another riot this sunday at the beaches? Theres definately going to be a protest against racism. I'm throwing up whether to go or not.
  7. I was drinking at the Glen Hotel ( a pub on that street) a few hours before that shit happened. Some fat aboriginal girl was hitting on me and my friend was getting cautioned for possesion so I couldn't leave. Co-incidently I went to bday party in the same area today and saw some girl smash a scooner glass into another girls face while I was buying beers right before the party. Its kind of weird watching that shit then walking into a bday party and being all like "hey man happy birthday" two seconds after. Ohh and shaolin, ofcourse I know about that convict heritage shit. But what I meant was you'll be suprised alot of people who claim that Australian pride shit aren't even that many generations deep. They might be fourth generation or even third.
  8. Hey Melbourne. maybe. And I never got to check out peth. But Adelaide ? Are you fucking kidding me? That place was such a dead pile of dirt I wanted to stay inside and read all day. But one thing was for real. People were nicer. The only stuck up broad I met was like " I don't know where (insert random place) is... I'm from Sydney. (Insert obnoxious face)"
  9. Well I don't know. If you grew up in the burbs like most Australians do. Then I would of thought that you'd meet a fair few white people who are all about beers, sheila's, bbq's and rugby and shit. Actually I'm all for all these things as well ( except for the last one) but you get what I'm trying to say. All those people in those photo's are perfect examples.
  10. I dont know anyone who gets on that gay tip Quoted post [/b] Well if you look harder you might be suprised. Alot of "anglo australians" have random euro backgrounds. Or maybe you just mean that whole aussie aussie aussie tip?
  11. ^ that sounds like i'm calling you out or something. What I meant was, relax. Your either a chill guy who says retarded shit once in awhile (which means your still chill) or your a douche. If you were a douche you wouldnt care about what you were saying cos you'de be a douche.
  12. ohh and I was going to say, regret of ones speech is always a sign of poor self esteem. When people tell you they are trying to stop swearing or saying ill shit. What they are really saying is "I'm not comfortable with who I am. Some how manipulate that weakness to your advantage".
  13. that first one really isn't that funny. I have to live with a bunch of girly little homos like that at the moment. Every two seconds they are like "hey you ... your really gay. Snicker snicker" and all these dudes will laugh at that shit and i'll be standing there looking at them like "what are you twelve bitch?" That frothy call however is pretty funny.
  14. I was going to get down with this Team Handsome thing at one point. Then, I got busy. Anyway, I went to paint clean trains tonight. 5 mintues in I'm chased and like a goon run to the other side of the train to have this security guard pop out of nowhere and take is huge bear claw style swipe at my head. I ducked. When I got into the car the first thing I said to my homeboy was "Thank goodness he didn't damage my beautiful beatiful face". We both laughed. I thought that story would be appropriate for this thread.
  15. ohh an this is the stupidest bout ever. Segal is a geriatric with man boobs and a forhead that looks like an immerging case of giganticism. Norris beats up rednecks for fucking with minorities and has a grizly ass red beard. The redness is from gorging himself in the blood of his enemies. Theres really nothing more to say.
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