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Everything posted by DEFCON2.0

  1. i was watchin this movie the other day on ch. 3 it was some action movie they filmed here in cleveland, so Im sittin there and all the sudden i see this SYMs burner and a couple others I was like oh shit thats hot...cant think of the name of the movie right now thou but ill get back at cha...... :king:
  2. DEFCON2.0

    2004 National Hobo Convention, Britt, Iowa

    this shit jus sounds crazy and made the hell up but if its not thats fuckin funny as hell and i'll see ya there next year.....:lol: :lol: :lol: I wonder wht cleveland,OH has'nt had a hobo fest yet all the d/t streets are infested with then...:D :spent: :loopy: :huh2: :krunk: :shook: :zombie:
  3. DEFCON2.0

    new freight styles?!

    ^^I couldnt agree more someone close this thread.........:king:
  4. DEFCON2.0

    Burningman Graff Exhibit

    from what i have seen of burningman it jus seems like an outside rave to me with lots of naked neo hippy people in mardi gras mask,and other crazy costumes trippin on acid and eatin rolls in the middle of the desert, then at the end of the fest they burn this big ass wooden sculpture....:confused: :confused: it doesent really have any thing to do with graff at all...maybe you should check out some dumb ass rave forums instead of graffiti ones............sorry jus my 2cents
  5. DEFCON2.0

    -Crazy Places.

    id have ta say a head in a club on the dance floor from some girl i had jus meet 5 min. before,head in a cab as the driver watched and he did'nt even charge us for the ride......:king:
  6. DEFCON2.0

    Heres to waking up at noon still drunk

    ^^you know the best way ta cure a hangover is ta start drinkin again and as an added bonus by the time ya realize ya dont have a hangover any more your useally hammered so i say crack two 40oz and call me in the morning......:lol: :lol:
  7. DEFCON2.0

    Girlz From Da Hood 8::::::} ~~

    man J-lo aint got shit on this gurlz..........bump for hood hoes!!!
  8. DEFCON2.0

    Girlz From Da Hood 8::::::} ~~

    keep on keepin on big blue I la deez hoes but I do have ta say that them prom pix were truely GHETTO.............keep up the thread.:king:
  9. DEFCON2.0

    Played out Before you even see it...

    more pissed off then played out I went and seen "maria falling from grace" the other day and i thought it was going ta be real good, it got a real good write up and all but i guess that they forgot to tell you it was a subtitle flick still a good movie but be forworned there are subtitles....:o
  10. DEFCON2.0

    What do you usually do when your bored?

    go to 12oz then about half way thru looking at threads I some how find my self wandering to thehun.com then after a few brief min. I find my self back on 12oz.... and then repeat as needed till I not bored:lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. DEFCON2.0

    The Hospital Sucks, So I’m Going to 12oz.

    I skaateboard and have been for the last 10 years so ive had my fair share of rolled ankles over time jus keep off of it, keep it iced and if its jus as bad a week from now seek medical attention..............jus my 2cents:king:
  12. ^^yo i was readin an article or interview about a floor gymnist and he was saying that there are a few of them that do break on the off season they say its funner then jus goin to the gym to do it....and im guessin its easyer to pick up girls sayin that you break not that your a floor gymnist... :lol:
  13. DEFCON2.0

    strangest/craziest thing you seen while bombing...

    strangest thing I saw was "Old man ned skemein on a blowjob from a crackhead, he was like hey ya want some lil man I was like naw im better off with my hannnd"...........:lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. DEFCON2.0

    Graffiti goes commercial....hehehe!

    that is the worst thing ive ever seen and the sad thing is hes proly makin $$$ off of that crap....."e-bay and no name writers...a sad day in graffiti":nope: :cry2: :shook:
  15. DEFCON2.0

    the orbit thread..........

    orbit your blackbook shit looks hot do you have any stuff up on wall like in brickslayers or anything sorry jus to lazy ta look around but it looks good keep um commin.......:king:
  16. DEFCON2.0

    Jacksonville, it ain't dead! Just slow...

    Yo incognito are those big flix from the legal wall in gainsville im originally from the 904 also but those jus look like that wall where are all the rest of the asher and EMS crew flix theres gotta be more then that and i herd the wall in 5 points is a bust now is that true I should be down there for a lil bit this summer looks like i got some serious painting ta do ta put the ville on the map again................:king:
  17. talkin cameras thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard of, you said that they move the camera after the graff stops so I say you blow up the spot for a min. then stop let'um move the cam then go right back to the same spot, they'll spend more time movin and settin up the cameras then bustin people they'll realize there idea sucks like every other one and think of something else to waste our tax money on......jus my 2cent FTG...
  18. DEFCON2.0

    Graffiti Video Game?

    all this is is another way for corperate suit and tye fucks to make money off of the "hip hop culture" the game is proly gonna suck ass and a bunch a toy ass lil kids are gonna be like yeah I write I jus got this game for atari can i be down............. :evil: :mad2: :heated:
  19. DEFCON2.0

    totem2 thread

    Yo mad respect for totem the kids work is hot like hotlanta does any one know how long he been writen for?...and does anyone know when his site will be up?........stay up and get down...Pome1er:king:
  20. DEFCON2.0

    more style from japan

    ^^yeah no shit all i saw was the long one along the water that one is sick tho yo is that a tent set up there.........^^ :king: :lol:
  21. DEFCON2.0

    most freights in one night?

    I seem ta fall in the 1-3 range before I was in ta "MORE" but now it is about quality not quanity I like ta do nice shit where if your are lucky enuff ta be stopped by a train you see it and say wow look at that not oh look more straigt letter tags or 2 color throwies........jus my 2cents:king:
  22. DEFCON2.0

    WHERE ARE YOU BENCHING??? (this could be a big help)

    america's ghetto the mistake on the lake cleveland,OH. hahahaha:king:
  23. DEFCON2.0

    Wheatpasting 101

    ^^Ive done some pasteing and im gonna say its was prolly alittle of both it is better ta use real wheatpaste but you should also start with a dryer surface (ex. not in the rain) practice makes perfect go out a experiment...^^:king: Pome1eR 2k4
  24. DEFCON2.0

    Marz - What say you

    it looks ok but you need ta keep workin on it....and oh yeah marz froms VA is sick so you may wanna look into other names.............:king:
  25. DEFCON2.0

    Almost Graffiti.....

    jus listen to what the true heads on here say you may suck now but if you practice it really does make perfect it jus takes time and dedication dont jus write cuz its the "cool" thing to do now and if you really do like to do it you will get good over time..............practice,practice,practice....:king: