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  1. dude i just downloaded the first 2 seasons of "Lost". Never did i think it could be this addicting....
  2. i was also curious about the "im the juggernaut bitch" thing.
  3. these galaxys for everyday running around painting/rowdy abandoned vampire hive then i have grecos that ive been skating and a bunch that i dont wear that often.
  4. hahah the shaved guy is just pissed cause he has to rock UG boots for the next couple months.
  5. hahahah i didnt know these things existed.
  6. These people i know are going (they work for air canada = free flights for friends or family) and they had an extra spot so they asked if i wanted to go. But theyre going to be off taking care of business for 2 weeks so ill be wandering around solo. if i can convince some myspace girls to let me sleep on their couch.. or in their mommys beds. it will be neat. good information so far keep it coming!
  7. I'll be there starting sunday May 15th for 2 weeks. No where to stay, no real plans. Last minute free ticket. Any info on whats up would be appreciated.
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