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  1. you're madly in love <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 8===========D phooey
  2. Fuck Y'all knows whats up. unless they're actual coach sneakers, like mine. no knockoffs please.
  3. scary...every night i sleep like a baby on morphine
  4. what's the most unpleasant experience you've ever had at a hospital or with a doctor? i had a camera put a foot up my ass once. good thing i was asleep. i'm sure that won't compare to when i get my nose fixed though. psyche. *i sure wish i could remember the drugs they gave me
  5. never ever ever EVER DON'T EVER customize your shoes boy i'll kill you it's not cool
  6. how is this a story about a pervert, sir
  7. ha. perverts are funny. last summer some friends and i had a big hotel party that involved lots of alcohol and some other illegal stuff and random girls coming over. anyway, my best friend and i headed down to the french quarter to take drunk photographs of squatters and buildings and crap. so we're fried, sitting on the curb when this pack of gay european tourists walks by and one of them looks at me and goes "oh la la c'est jeune!" (oh my, it's young) and starts grabbing his crotch through his tight jean shorts while his friends starts fondling his asscrack. i threw a hand grenade
  8. doesn't matter if you don't wash your clothes. these kids were filthy.
  9. nah man paintball is better cos then it'll ruin their dada shirt.
  10. haha beating down annoying little ghetto fucks is funny. a few years ago i was with a friend at 7-11 once and some 15 y/o black kid and his little sister were drinking slurpees right out of the spigot on the machine, mouth on it and everything. so this friend punched the kid in the back of the head and held his face under the spigot and let slurpee run all over him. then the kid ran to get his big scary gorilla lookin dad in who was smoking a swisher in the parking lot (ugh) so the guy working at 7-11 let us hide in the freezer yay
  11. the "elite" are just a bunch of dorks anyway so stop caring already. and i weigh 107 now. it keeps fluctuating. that's bad huh.
  12. -kenneth cole deodorant -aqua di gio -black d&g intimo boxerbriefs -dark denim 28x30 j.crew jeans - black b.r. stretch undershirt -black banana republic buttondown -black express belt with large winged shield buckle (again) -vintage christian dior necktie (black, dark red & gold) -black leather b.r. slides in pockets: - black fake croc skin b.r. wallet with cards/ID/$41 - black coach keychain w/keys - something that begins with "V" drinking a mimosa and listening to "fashionist" by waldorf this is getting WAY old *spelling
  13. OH SHIT my mom just OWNED jimmy with a strap-on and he loved it..... dude/sir you better come get your son, his brain is gonna be real fucked up after all' this,,,,,,
  14. WOW "vintage" and "electronics" together sounds like hybrid emo and electroclash styles. have a nice night. shari vari my friend
  15. YO.... jimmy is at my house. my mom just sodomixed him with some venison sausage & made him my bitch. he steals jeans for me now. he's a cool little negroid.
  16. ahahaha fuck ghetto blasters....too much trouble to carry arouns....and so primitive guess who drank a 5th of vodka and had some valium & red-haired cess...yeah you guesse dit i am typing so fucking slow right noew
  17. translation: you're gay and ashamed of it. ahaha good luck in life. :)
  18. go to loyola and flunk out like me.
  19. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00424046f00000001.jpg'>
  20. NO PARTYING for me this weekend. hermit style. productivity = success FRIDAY - go hunting for a mont blanc inkpen and louis vuitton wallet (both of which will be obtained for free) for a trade i've been slacking on - SCOUR my room...move furniture, shampoo carpet, extreme cleaning - retype notes for all of my courses - categorize thousands of unorganized photos from the past 4 years - grab some new brushes & acryilics - begin a painting i've been putting off for too long - obtain some medicine for next weekend SATURDAY - wake up bright & early (7-ish) - ex
  21. so BOZACK is now on the myspace bandwagon. kindof late. oh well. add me: iamthenewblack@hotmail.com my real friend capacity is at its maximum. so now i want e-friends. connections connections.
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