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  1. you dont, need to, emerge.
  2. fuck john french. that guys a fucking retard. bitchz
  3. esp


    http://www.barronstv.com/what/img/productImages/accel.jpg'> http://www.boardtactics.com/s/img/prod/m/10588.jpg'> ^ i have these in navy blue with gum sole http://www.xxxsports.com/03images/sk8prod/softgoods/thumbnails/dc_manteca_blueth.JPG'>
  4. fry some stuff up thats in your fridge (ie, meat, onions, mushrooms, leftovers etc) with some sauces and spices of your choise then put it on a couple of toasted pieces of bread and then put some cheese on top if your feeling that action.
  5. jk http://www.cyberium.net/imagine/S/weapons/big-gun-800.jpg'>
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