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Poop Man Bob

Ex-US Marine runs off with a 12-year old British ... girl? (w/ pics)

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LEIGH, England (CNN) -- A 12-year-old girl has been reunited with her parents after she went missing for four days with a 31-year-old former U.S. Marine who she met on the Internet.


Police said Wednesday Shevaun Pennington was found on her way back to Britain after she had traveled to continental Europe with Toby Studabaker, who was arrested separately in Germany.


"I'm obviously very relieved," said Greater Manchester Police Superintendent Peter Mason.


He said German authorities detained Studabaker in Frankfurt Wednesday for child abduction "under the power of an international arrest warrant sworn out within the Greater Manchester police area."


A law enforcement source in Britain said authorities "can prove he knew she was 12" but did not say how. That information enabled authorities to get the arrest warrant, the source said.


Studabaker had told his brother that he believed the girl, Shevaun Pennington, was 19, the brother told CNN.


Supt. Mason said Shevaun had split up with Studabaker before traveling back in Britain. "I'm not aware of where they separated. Toby was arrested in Frankfurt and Shevaun is now in this country," Mason said.


Studabaker did not hand himself in to authorities nor was he arrested at the airport in Frankfurt, Mason said, adding it was not clear how long he was in Germany.


"Through our investigations, we found out she was coming into Manchester via plane," Mason said. "We knew beforehand she was coming back to this country."


It was too early to say whether Studabaker will be brought to Britain, but "we'll be looking at bringing him back," Mason said. He said he was not aware if Shevaun had been harmed in any way.


Mason said he assumed the girl's parents were "great elated" by the news that she was safe and in the country.


The pair had last been traced to Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris, where they arrived on a flight Saturday.



Joanna Pennington appealed for her daughter's safe return.

Shevaun telephoned her parents Wednesday morning, saying she was well and not being kept against her will, and was preparing to return, Mason said.


Joanna Pennington, 42, told reporters her daughter was possibly in love with Studabaker, but said she was not concerned. "I understand that she has got feelings for him, and he may have feelings for her ... I just want her back."


Family members and police said the pair had conducted a year-long relationship in Internet chat rooms, and via e-mails, before Studabaker flew to Europe last weekend to meet her.


Studabaker was discharged from the Marines just two weeks ago after serving for more than three years. He was a lance corporal based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.


The case had increased concern in Britain about so-called "grooming" by adults who contact children via the Internet.

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The Smoking Gun Delivers!


so he's got a history of doing GeeSleazy shit.






JULY 16--Toby Studabaker, the ex-Marine arrested today on charges that he ran off with a 12-year-old British girl he met on the Internet, was previously nabbed for felony sexual misconduct involving two young female relatives, ages nine and 12. According to the below reports from the St. Joseph County (Michigan) Sheriff's Department, Studabaker groped the breasts and thighs of the older girl and gave the nine-year-old relative a bottle of a bubblegum-flavored sexual lubricant called Wet-n-Ready. The alleged incidents occured while Studabaker was visiting relatives during Christmas 1997. The criminal case against Studabaker, now 31, was subsequently dropped by Prosecuting Attorney Douglas Fisher due to a lack of evidence (Fischer today said that he is "beating myself up" over that decision to decline prosecution). British police today located Shevaun Pennington, the child who traveled with Studabaker from her home in Manchester to Paris, and reunited the girl with her parents. (4 pages)

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Guilty until proven innocent


whit all this info on the guy, it's kind of hard to consider him innocent.

it's like Richard Jewel when he was accused of being the olympic park bomber. i remember his face perfectly and i remember how he was being praised one day, but by the next he was on every channel as a guilty man. anybody remember how the media dug into his past and released information about his malitia days as apparent proof that he knew how to use explosives. hell, even some of his malitia men said that he could have done it.

but oh well...

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Originally posted by Kilo7-

and gave the nine-year-old relative a bottle of a bubblegum-flavored sexual lubricant called Wet-n-Ready.


I'm sorry kilo...but I just find this funny as hell. granted...I wouldn't find it that funny if it was my kid....

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Originally posted by Ferris Bueller

that looks kind of like Edmo. (wonk saggin)


hahahah....wasnt edmo a chick too?


i think they got the story wrong. thats a man!

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