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  1. I think I'm 2000, but I won't see until I make this post.
  2. Panda Express orange chicken, out of pure desperation. I would not suggest it.
  3. I drafted Kemp for my fantasy team, and it is getting to the point at which I'm thinking about dropping his ass. And much to my chagrin he was surprise scratched from the lineup, so I'm missing an outfielder tonight. Not that it really makes a difference anyway, because he hitting like a bitch. Got durn house nagger
  4. Juicy J ft. Wiz Khalifa - Know Better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP8ip3vYUGU
  6. I'm going to miss Revere, but he had a ton of value and there is a fucking logjam just waiting to happen in CF for us. Now that he's gone, Mastrioanni, Hicks, and Benson are supposedly going to be competing in spring training for the starting CF job. Benson had it tough last year, but maybe we will see if Hicks is the real deal and/or ready to play in the bigs. If not, I'm sure we'll see him in September with the two prospects we got from Philly and Washington. But personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Mastrioanni out there. As for Vance Worley, maybe Ralphs could weigh in on him for us. And we also signed Burton to a two-year deal with third year option. Good on us. And thank goodness Joe Blanton signed already. Did not want.
  7. I've been watching what I can of the A's and O's the last month or two. I have to say this: Oakland has some of the craziest fans out there in right field. And Grant Balfour is one of the most intimidating closers, IMO. Brian Wilson can take a back seat with the beard and odd behavior gimmicks. Dude blew away Hamilton, Beltre, AND Cruz to get the save last night. As for the O's (and this is somewhat related), I wonder if Bobby V is trying to spite Buck Showalter. Both were baseball TV analysts, and I'm guessing Bobby wanted to be like Buck and come back and have his own team. Bobby V turns out to be terrible, so what does he do? He keeps in a rookie SS (Iglesias) last night in the top of the tenth with two outs and runners on first and second when he has Mike Aviles on the bench. I think he is trying to make it as easy as possible for the Yankees to clinch the division champion spot. I saw something yesterday about O's management being upset that he is running out a bunch of nobodies. Loved to see Lew Ford back in a MLB uniform - cult hero here in MN. Chris Davis - wow. Adam Jones - wow. And Mark Reynolds basically saved his career considering how he's improved his approach at the plate and fielding. And Nate McLouth was on his way out until he came back around. Great stories this year.
  8. My boy Freddie Freeman is back...but with some specs on. Still hit a homer with that fucking short, but QUICK swing of his. Made some nice picks at first, too. I love the Twins and all, but being born in Atlanta, the Braves are my first love. And Freddie will be a beast in years to come, a la Fred McGriff. What is with the Braves players needing glasses? Two or three seasons ago Brian McCann was having vision problems and he got specs, too.
  9. Went to the Twins game today. Morneau and Span both hit long bombs, but you can always count on the day's starting pitcher to give up four runs in one inning. Brian Dozier is also on a roll with some poor play at SS - double-play ball through the legs. Good times, though. Drank a lot of beer, had a Cuban sandwich (but the bread was wrong wrong wrong), got rained on, the works...
  10. AHHHHH 8-23!!!! TWINS ON PACE TO WIN...42 GAMES! If you ask me, I think all training/medical and coaching staff are going to get blown the fuck out by season's end if this keeps up. The organization really needs to go outside for new blood if it comes down to that.
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