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  1. the commodores - nightshift (nostalgia) rebel ballads- foggy dew, irish soldier boy powderfinger - these days hans zimmer - silence fat joey - envy
  2. Rectum

    ~:THE BEST OF THE BEST......

    excellent site...
  3. Rectum

    for all you Star Wars nerds...

    those covers suck (star wars afficinato)
  4. Rectum


    yeah whiteox i took you advice and got the song, it's nice thanks duder
  5. Rectum

    Tribute to puzle

    nice is that it?
  6. Rectum

    graffiti songs

    are you australia? heres a link to some streamed sydney battles http://www.mp3.com.au/artist.asp?id=12011
  7. Rectum

    The Pub Appreciation Thread

    grown men wearing those homie sport jersies, a uniquely american phenomenon
  8. Rectum

    i'm back from deployment/ Iraq

    get the firefight movie cracking did you kill anyone ? --serious question
  9. Rectum

    My New Toy

    http://www.sportingguns.com.au/Rifles/AMP/images/dsr-no1c.jpg'> pick out the gayest hippy
  10. Rectum

    whos got balls of steel....

    is that you ?
  11. Rectum

    The "who is annoying" thread

    bubblegum fool ! omg krie hasnt ever had a slurpee what a freeak
  12. Rectum

    My New Toy

    no, guns belonging to other people are not cool
  13. Rectum

    whats the youngest a girl could be and youd still hit it?

    It's deflowering the younger girls you have to watch out for i reckon
  14. Rectum


    that shit is mad toy and unoriginal