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  1. i don't know many people who are into "hip-hop" who also like graffiti, but i do know more people who are into graffiti that like "hip-hop." but then again, i also know plenty of writers into other various *forms of* popular culture. i don't think hip hop has much to do with graffiti...
  2. ^^what the fuck are you talkin about? boner is not killin shit! if you believe what you see on the net, then you also believe in the easter bunny. *to the post above me in case it wasn't clear enough
  3. ^^^You're goddamned right about that one :cool:
  4. everybody shut up about boner. end this wack shit now. dude doesn't deserve this much attention. put the focus on the people who do. bump for graf done with style and originality. and bump for out
  5. not sure if this has been posted but... *deleted irrelevant info
  6. ^finally something worth looking at...
  7. there's an old episode of cops on right now. they just showed a scene from the bad lands, and i forgot how crushed shit was back in the day. all the bldgs and bridges had so much to look at. it reminded me of riding the 47 on my way home from school. fill-ins on 5th street, hands everywhere. bad lands graf is what i grew up on, and surrounding areas as well. old episodes of cops are good for somethings.
  8. good one. you're soooooooooooooooooooooooo clever. you sure told me :rolleyes: cornball.
  9. to dicegametron... wow you're soooooooooooo witty. something about your tired username told me you were going to make a quality post. try again short-bus
  10. so i had to reformat my HD, but unfortunately i didn't get to back up my files. is there any program that you know of that can recover those files, or by reformating did i completely clean out the HD?
  11. ouch! that was a tough loss. 1 strike away from the world series and then...
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