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  1. thumbs up to guner. good look. if you see this pm me.\ -sloer
  2. thanks for the flick wilder, no thanks to ace for letting it run for a week, take your own advice and "learn to let shit run"... sloe
  3. i really dont understand this fucking city... its weird.
  4. hi. i just moved down here. please pm me if you want to paint. i dont suck. thats all the info i'm giving besides the fact that i need to GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ALL THESE GOD DAMNED HARDCORE KIDS. shits driving me nuts. richmond transplant.
  5. HA! i made the cut. thank you to my favorite bear.
  6. i thought this thread would suck so i decided to give it a chance... and well, i really like it. writers making shit happen with what they have. you dont need a metropolis to get down but it does make it easier.
  7. correct me if your positive, but yes was from southern rhode island and was in doa crew i believe. as far as being on that show... free food and board AND A FUCKING CAMERA IN YOUR FACE ALL DAY AND NIGHT. i just could not deal with that. but i am bipolar so i'd be a perfect fit, maybe.
  8. Is there anything or any writers from the norfolk area?
  9. as far as the name is concerned, earsnot got his name from a band also (earshot) he just misread it... bottom line korn cok is nasty, puts in mega work and is constantly changing up the visual representation of his throws. check the one on the white tiles or the ones below the riot gates. dudes just plain fresh, aint no denying it.
  10. WELL COME ON DOWN TO LIL RHODY!!! yeah... its cool here, evrything closes at 2am and then nothing opens til 8 its a small weird little place... and i grow so weary of it.
  11. belton kiddo.... and probably anything else he wants.
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