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  1. oh yeah, caught this one the other day too...
  2. i gotta give it up...yall btw's are getting up. its too bad your style aint worth shit.
  3. p.s- Didnt know yall were the ones that busted that production at the Armory! that character is crazy!
  4. big ups...been to that spot with the funk lab...one of the few things thats been reppin for a while without getting hated on.
  5. why this shit look like korn/corn from new york. xcept 4 IMDEAD and a couple others, looks like ya'll need some water in the desert. Quoted post [/b] :haha: .
  6. this dude is crazy...damn near inspiring.
  7. u wanna bring family into this? then fuck graff. its personal. your ass wont be hard to find.
  8. pray that the cru dont catch u slippin... ...all hail King Xavi. :haha:
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