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  1. Good lord that last string of images were fucking beautiful. Zuawe and Bowzer owning. Who did the pixel piece? On point as well. Tabu, Sker killin too. EDITED ... I went on a diatribe but decided against it. never mind. it's pointless
  2. This thread is 9 years old. I wish I could delete it. Posting your images under a thread titled with a location is fucking stupid. My bad. The graff world was very different 9 years ago. Start your own thread, titled with your crew and be more safe, control the content and show it off to all yer friends. OR, don't post on 12oz entirely ... shit's crawling with popo. Get a tumblr.
  3. nice wick and fuse roller in the background too ... bump the groove and ape clan
  4. Shits hella weak dude. Age old rule, don't diss someone you can't burn. You youngsters need serious schooling. But please, keep dissing for fame and making fools of yourself. Please.
  5. oh he's just mad at the crew that taught him how to paint ... which we did not do a very good job of.
  6. hey check out this tuff guy dissing RHAK, TML, LAWS, APE CLAN. Can't wait to return the favor.
  7. HAHAHAH ... what the fuck are you talking about? I am not in "said crew", nor a cop. Just simply sharing a photo of a NW crew popping up out of nowhere in my city. I love how everyone is so hard on the interwebs. For the record, I always though GPK did quality work back in the day. But I obviously am missing something. And this sloppy, "I don't give a fuck" roller on a rooftop is keepin it trill, so go get even madder and slam your four loko, then get back on here and tell more veteran lifers that they're "toys" "snitches" and "cops" WINNING!
  8. That event was epic. Zephyr and I traded books that day. He wrote "The Graffiti Dinosaur" in my book. Hahahah. And that was 11 years ago ... god we're getting old.
  9. I know a guy who does the same thing ... just takes photos exploring his city. It's a cool blog. http://HTTP://HIGHONGOLD.COM
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