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  1. im so happy im not the only one who seen the gayness in this video, thank you 12oz for not falling into the gap
  2. the skyline is on its way, per nissan it should be here, i believe by 2008 under the infinity badge
  3. i got the sidekick, you cant download ringtones for free off the web and you can only choose from the "catelouge" so im going to program something for it and gain a dev key from danger inc, so i can unlock my shit, and make my own ringtones rintones > you jea
  4. its "ink1.1" and "daze one million" guess which one i am :mexican:
  5. the buggati is real nice, not sure what all yall be talkin, speakin of it ugly, or bein ga pieace of shit its the worlds fastest street legal car!
  6. My first impression of the mk5 wasn't great, but it's grown on me. Still want an .:R. Quoted post [/b] your in luck! why have an r32, when you can have an r36 :gaga: also we cant forget about the veyron now
  7. leave the ID at home, you dont want to be makin a getaway and drop your ID...
  8. i think the people of ohio said that through there history they see no point in counting the ballots because in order for kerry to win ohio hed have to win something like 80/20 or something like that, but im not sure
  9. democracy is a form of government in wich the soveriegn or ruling power is in the hands of the people and is excercised by them directly, or indirectly, through thier elected represenitives we elected our represenitives to dish out the electoral votes, thats a democracy,we live in a democracy pro bush
  10. i been saying for like 2 years now, everyone knew bush was going to win, and thank god that he did, i can only imagine where america would have been 9/11 if gore won 2000, and now with the threats of more attacks were would we be with kerry? thank god we have a president who stands his ground, not some pussy who wants to do what ever the people want just for some support, and the best part of this election is no one can say shit, bush won the popular vote by like 4 million and we won the electoral vote as well, none of that bull shit like last election
  11. bush is gonna win reguardless, hes the better candidate
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