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  1. good thing i've already been and done it all. this is another example of conservatives being completely illogical. way to end the only unique thing you had going for the country
  2. Got an assortment of white belgians and some others
  3. 1. i listen to all genres excluding, but not limited to, punk, country, and bluegrass 2. i've owned that smiths album forever so i know what the fuck it is 3. keep your asinine assumptions to yourself
  4. what's the point of posting a thousand pictures of album covers (that, nobody recognizes btw) if you're not providing a link to follow?
  5. i am fuckin jealous. have fun. take flicks
  6. running on water this one actually deserves a thread on its own
  7. werd, i'm staying at Red Hotel on 30th & Collins.
  8. i'm going to ultra. our hotel in south beach is booked and this will be my 6th WMC. i'm more excited about the other parties happening throughout the week. future sound of breaks is always dope. i'll also be hitting up the nikki beach parties. when will the flights be getting cheaper? & where are u flying from? the last 5 times we drove 16 hours there and 16 coming back.
  9. another nice tune John Tejada - The End Of It All http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vanhj1Ol1sY
  10. the Jaar tune's been on my playlist for a bit now. dope track here's a masterpiece: Gaiser - Pullpush 3:05
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