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  1. false, not at all. tpbm loves salt and vinegar potato chips
  2. haha this reminds me of a story i like to tell about laying on the couch at my buddies house after smoking for hours and i farted and sat there for half an hour trying to determine whether or not i had in fact shit my pants. haha. i didn't but still i would have been even more impressed with the quality of the buds
  3. haha here's a good one: one time in high school before gym period i went to my locker to get my basketball shorts. i find the shorts, grab them and start walking toward the gym. about half way down the crowded hallway a pair of whitey tighties falls out of them and onto the ground. fuck i almost shit myself, almost thought about stooping to collect them but thought better of it and just kept walking. hahaha. damn it though nobody confronted me so i guess nobody saw. whew
  4. i really enjoy that song "bubbly" by colby challait (sp?). ll
  5. it seems a few people had trouble this past week. i spent a thursday night in jail for criminal mishcheif. anyone want to shed some light on this sort of thing. i was drunk and throwing things and broke a few windows on a car which ive already agreed to pay for. that was a major setback though, as far as life is going...
  6. "you'll end up just another nigger, like your father" yeah, he got game was good too
  7. personally i thought it was hilarious. the pile of shit on the rim of that glass just looked like a big ice cream malt and then these bitches start going at it hahaha
  8. 165 lb curl is def. no joke, i know dudes i graduated with that probably couldn't bench that. either way this might be a bit personal but gliko i'd like to know if you ever took hgh, dbol, winni v or anything else other than over the counter supplements. a friend of mine was tiny all through high school and into his early 20's but when he got into weight lifting he took everything i mentioned plus some. now he incline presses 150 lb dumbells for reps
  9. that workout gliko posted sounds like its a fucking killer, im in the middle of an 18 week cycle but the least the rest periods get down to is 60 seconds. but 4 sets of 13-15 reps will surely tired your ass out just the same, maybe if i get any motivation ill lay it out later if anyones interested.
  10. the comments about getting out and exercising and being around friends are on point for someone who is just feeling a bit "down" but chronic depression is a lot different. i work out 5 times a week and have a healthy social life but there are just those days when i don't even want to get out of bed. i take an anti depressant that also covers anxiety and panic disorder and for me its night and day from when i started taking it and before..
  11. just got done playing. god damn i don't care how horrible i am i love it
  12. i watched disturbia today, actually really liked it
  13. alright you drunks probably don't remember me but i promised pictures of my new appartment probably a month ago or more and i just now got internet access so they will be comming soon. im shitty off of canadian mist right now which is a damn good substitute for crown royal so everything is really really good. hope everyone is okay... cheers
  14. moving into my new place today, hopefully drunkey celebration pics in the near future
  15. if hitler was banned from xbox live http://www.thatxbox360blog.com/2007/06/07/what-if-hitler-was-banned-from-xbox-live/ AHAHAHAHAHA "I AM TRULY FUCKED NOW"
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