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  1. its no better/worse than other Olympics Logos, go check em.
  2. badgers mount, England Pratts Bottom, England
  3. And yeah Lady Soverign is "wack"
  4. Check where Slick Rick and MF Doom are from...fucking idiot UK hip-hop well early UK hip-hop is all ragga influenced, completely differnet sound to he U.S and its supposed to be..It`s different, different is good! Take ur head out the sand man, don`t be ignorant to things you know nothing about.. Hip-hop was massive here in 80`s check names like Hijack,London Posse, Demon Boyz,Monie Love,Hardnoise etc...Fucking wicked.. Our DJ`s 2nd to none, Cut Master Swift, Pogo,Dj Bizness, Dj Supreme..check these names 1979-85 It was the late seventies and I was just a kid discov
  5. well Bruce_1nR, that would be south east London
  6. well since one has been absent one has not seen "these " threads... Just voicing an opinion which this forum is all about..
  7. Hey all, been off this site for a good while and on my return have noticed how dead it is!! I mean there never this site used to be the tits a a good few years ago, now it seems that gone somewhat down the shitter,now this isn`t a dig at those in charge at all, just after some reasons why? Any ideas? thanks
  8. Simple in London don`t buy shit in toursit areas..Then you`ll be fine
  9. hey mate, with respect that wasn`t my point..
  10. Quoted post [/b] to be fair who cares what was happening in denmark in 1986!? That wasn`t my point, my point was "Id love to see what Foam would`ve done to these two back then,hearing tales of what he did to others"
  11. ahh man, excellent! Wouldn`t see that in main land europe!!
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