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  1. i was looking through some old HHI forum threads and stumbled upon a 5 page post dedicated to member's embarassing or funny moments and thought that this being 12oz, we could probably come up with some good ones too. ill start off with two (ill get plenty more if this thread gets bigger), one is just kind of gross and one is funny. both, not surprisingly, have to do with urinating myself. in third grade in western ny state we had some pretty good snows all winter. this particular one was awesome, and right by our school there was a big water reservoir bowl that was perfet for sledding on. every recess we'd put on our snow pants and jackets and what not and run out with our sleds we brought from home and have a half hour of fun. we were sledding for awhile and towards the end, me and a buddy get on a 2 person and get a huge running start and head into the bowl. we are going fast as fuck and i dont remember whether someone said something funny or the speed just freaked me out or excited me and halfway down i just let loose in my snowpants. its one of those times where youre laughing so hard theres no way once you start youre going to stop. real drilled a hole in the hoover dam type shit. so we get to the bottom and fall off the sled and im in the snow still laughing, and of course, still pissing. once the laughter wears off and the whistle to go inside goes off, im walking in trying to not let it be known what was going on under my snowpants. they were wet from the snow so of course, you couldnt tell the piss from the melted snow. we get inside and there are hooks on the outside of our classroom where you put your jackets and snowpants and everyone gets done and go inside and i take a damage report on my jeans by unzipping the sweatpants and somewhat hiding in the corner. it looked like my crotch down to the bottom of my right leg had threw up or something, totally saturated. i decided to play it cool (?) and wore my snowpants the rest of the day, questioned on and off as to why though i forget my excuse. this one is more recent. last summer i worked fulltime so id want to go out and get drunk with the homies afterwards, then usually go paint freights once the night ended. after a lot of beer i decided to call it a night with the friends and went home and put on my dirty clothes (this spot is a bit of a bitch to get to) and head to the layup. about to get there i realize i hadnt pissed in awhile and began to look around for a spot to stop the car and unload. unfortunetely all i saw was a well-lit wal-mart parking lot with security, who id be pretty sure wouldnt be happy with a drunk kid pissing on his car in. i freak out not even thinking about the gas station behind me (though i wouldnt have made it) and made a decision with more ramifications than bush sending us to war: i was going to purposely and consciously urinate myself. i opened the floodgates and continued to drive to the spot while my pants just got really warm and it spread to the seat. its a weird feeling, im sitting there thinking "ok im pissing my pants. whats up with that?" i finish and decide to not go home to change. i was embarrassed, but painted the train in wet pants and wrote "peed pants" next to it, went home and took a shower and changed. i had to febreeze and dry the seat out the next day, embarrassed that i had let myself do it. it makes for a good story to tell friends when youre drunk though.. now that ive showed my apparent inability to control my bladder...share yours. ill drop some more soon enough.
  2. fr8lover

    RIP Rodney Dangerfield

    one of the funniest men to ever live... i smell a "back to school," "ladybugs," "caddyshack" marathon in the near future. RIP
  3. fr8lover

    The Edwards-Cheney debate •_•_• Debate no. only1

    "I don't think the country can take four more years."
  4. fr8lover


    ive always had pretty bad allergies, but this summer has been the worst ive ever had. i havent been able to clearly breathe through my nose for months and ive felt sick for as many, too. anyone else feeling this?
  5. fr8lover


    cant. wait.
  6. fr8lover

    aphex twin

    GAK and q-chastic are some of my rdj favorites..
  7. fr8lover

    aphex twin

    god this thread is olldddd
  8. fr8lover

    Holy shit, we haven't had a shoe thread in ages.

    i'm actually wearing these right now. love em... the others in my rotay this week: http://images.sports.cn/2004/05/24/178168B.jpg'> sans grey one logo...the general release jawns http://www.rakuten.co.jp/walkrunner/img1017837281.jpeg'>
  9. fr8lover


    crack is back!
  10. fr8lover

    murder one dunn(KANSAS CITY)

    nice flicks, bub! i <3 kc
  11. fr8lover

    My Rage.. Top 5

  12. you've gotta be kidding me... freight "rather be famous than righteous or holy" lover.
  13. fr8lover

    The Kerry-Bush debate thread •_•_• Debate no. 1

    ahhhh http://us.news1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/rids/20040926/i/r1111463045.jpg'>
  14. fr8lover

    The Kerry-Bush debate thread •_•_• Debate no. 1

    hilarious out of context debate photo of the day http://us.news2.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/afp/20041001/capt.sge.ois34.011004074347.photo02.default-384x297.jpg'>
  15. fr8lover

    Kem 5

    it's because they are just black/orange zoom air angus nikes that he painted gray.
  16. fr8lover


    Re: Re: Re: Re: Enjoy watching them roll????????? i just dissected your post and found you to be guilty of being someone who needs to close this thread. cool out on jocking somebody who gets enough play that he probably doesnt need you to be on his jock.
  17. fr8lover


  18. seriously. these guys wear pointy blankets and burn crosses...they are attention starved. the less people that show up and gawk the more angry theyd be.
  19. fr8lover


    man, that's so crazy when you bench your own trains, right? like when you're looking at trains and you bench your own brand new trains? insane!
  20. fr8lover


    grandparents straight off the boat italian just stoppin by to say "this thread sucks!"
  21. fr8lover


    just dead this old thread!
  22. http://umusic.ca/yeahyeahyeahs/index.php#media my favorite video of the year!
  23. fr8lover

    Dipset in London (Must SEE!!)

    http://www.syndicate.org.vt.edu/beats/dips...setinlondon.WMV its about 10 minutes of them just rolling around in a car with a hilarious quotable rate of about 1 per 15 seconds. WATCH. my favorite quotes: CAM: "he's the only person i know in london with an american car with i would say the steering wheel is on the wrong side, but it's really on the right side which is the left side." JIM JONES: "its not on the right side, right side." CAM: "i just said which is the right side which is the left side which would be the right side if this was that side (UNITELLIGIBLE) but some people it's the right side." JIM JONES: "but he on the right side to us!" CAM: "exactly, which is the left side." JIM JONES: "holla!" -------------- JIM JONES: "thats a low blow, no homo" -------------- CAM: "bitch was deformed. tried to rub her nipple on my face!"
  24. fr8lover


    dope album which i will now be putting into my car thanks to you reminding me!