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  1. I say u get that sorry bitch back...... I had a girl I fucked once keep a sweet Swiss army jacket I had I never talked to her again but next time I see Her I'm giving her a line of bath salt And telling her it's coke
  2. False! Tpbm has never killed a four legged creature.
  3. False! Tpbm doesn't give a fuck about this upcoming election.
  4. -Dizzy Wright -Sizzla - Maintenance crew - The Pedestrian
  5. Toes curled further back than a perm pressed poodle. Girl I got u speaking gibberish you can't cope My meat sword like the side affect of raw dope, you foaming at the mouth like tampered with soft soap, you better raise your chin and swallow dat they say I'm sweater than cantaloupes And my babies bee the antidote. ***
  6. Chain smoking, and playing mw3 on the [x]
  7. Pocket full of snow globes, so cold u catch a drip off my drift. Eyes wide, mob ties, stay true to your colors or you'll end up tie dyed.
  8. Tacos de carne asada con Salsita verde.
  9. False she wants space and other dicks. I upgraded, this new girl is younger, and smarter Tpbm likes shooting pool as much as I do if not more.
  10. Check check check it out I thought these kids snapped
  11. Barefoot dog walking, joint smoking, and freestylin
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