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  1. In the pool punching my girl friend in her ass for going through my stash and for taking cAr to my x gf house to look for me thinking I was cheating on her again.
  2. http://m.pornhub.com/video/show/title/juicy_latina_phat_ass_gets_fucked/vkey/1045416988 Who is this? I need to know
  3. Your roomy was out late ran into that polish chick after a long bar hopping night he sees her at local liquor store and buys her vodka loving polish ass a Lil bottle she went to her place came back with cd gave your roomate head and brushed her teeth in the morning that plate was also from her place She thought it would be nice to bring your roomate a piece of cake she will never eat
  4. http://40gloccgotktfo.com/[/img
  5. I just did a bunch of these while smoking a couple cigarettes
  6. Will the salts burn thee insides of ones asshole or Just get them high?
  7. Yeah cats work but if you want to have fun while doing it just leave a dim light on and stay near the kitchen with one of these Make sure to be super quiet though eventually he will come out maybe leave him a snack on the floor They love peanut butter
  8. I once got bit by a spider and spent a whole week at a hospital my last night there was a Friday and I wanted to snort coke so I had my brother bring me my stash hat he had no clue what I wanted it for he brought it anyway then he brought me burger king I asked him if he could bring mr beer and he left pissed off once he realized I had a bunch of 50pc in the hat so I just had one of my custy hoes bring me a 6pk for a 20 bag in return the bitch finished all her shit and knew I had more lines set out on the pull out tray so I told her to go get more beer and she did but they wouldn't let her up so I managed to sneak out and drink in her car.
  9. No I don't really brag about my dick size Tpbm takes a long time in the bathroom due to Posting on 12oz while taking a shit
  10. This bitch looks like my x girl friend well at least I found a look alike porn star to nutt off to
  11. A closed mouth doesn't get fed
  12. I was letting this freaky bitch shower with me once and she tried to slip her finger in my ass while I was all soapy I knew what she was trying to do cause she kept playing with my butt cheeks while she was deep throating me she was doing her best to distract me and she was doing such an awesome job that I didn't realize she had her finger half way in my butt I freaked and wanted to punch her but instead I dick smacked her several times and she loved it.
  13. This was the last thing I had on now I'm about to exercise naked
  14. False I let groupies talk as much as they want then I bang em till they sweat out all the cocaine they done did. Tpbm hates kids
  15. Writing down everything I ate today and about to work out again Masturbating myself gently to sleep isn't working anymore.
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