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  1. False never had it Tpbm likes bon bons and all that good stuff.
  2. I Did ride the short bus to school they even gave me a helmet Im wearing it now.
  3. Your mother should have swallowed you But you turned out to be a decent person.
  4. I hate it when people wake me up While I'm having awesome dreams. I hate when girls act like they don't Suck dick and are deep throating you Asking you if they are doing it right In the back of your mind your like girl You ain't brand new but you can't say Shit I hate it when grown ass men hand me Five or more dollars in change I hate it when cops try and act tuff when they are only Humans with a heavy badge I hate it when girls grab my ass Or try and suck or lick my nipples that shit don't move me bro
  5. Good news that loud fucking nocking I just heard wasn't my girlfriend this means I can sleep in a Lil longer before deliveries.
  6. I do Tpbm is excited to receive his pay check 2noro
  7. Yes cause she is on birth control and I dont wear a condom with her so I usually nut on her stomach or inside her when I nut on her stomach she gets excited with how much comes out she's like god damn that's allot hopefully I dong get caught Smelling like other girls she always wonder what I do with all my free time
  8. I hate it when I haven't fucked my gf all week and then she pulls down my pants we fuck real good and I bust a nut but not much comes out cause I have been cheating on her with all my close friends And she will look up at me and say that's it wow and I explain that I have been beating off twice a day and think about her while doing so looking ashamed It does get you points though
  9. In the pool punching my girl friend in her ass for going through my stash and for taking cAr to my x gf house to look for me thinking I was cheating on her again.
  10. http://m.pornhub.com/video/show/title/juicy_latina_phat_ass_gets_fucked/vkey/1045416988 Who is this? I need to know
  11. Your roomy was out late ran into that polish chick after a long bar hopping night he sees her at local liquor store and buys her vodka loving polish ass a Lil bottle she went to her place came back with cd gave your roomate head and brushed her teeth in the morning that plate was also from her place She thought it would be nice to bring your roomate a piece of cake she will never eat
  12. http://40gloccgotktfo.com/[/img
  13. I just did a bunch of these while smoking a couple cigarettes
  14. Will the salts burn thee insides of ones asshole or Just get them high?
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