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  1. Stub nose to your dirty clothes put your hands up and strike a pose.
  2. when i skateboard I hate having anything in my pockets except a wallet everything else gets thrown into a back pack I use the most code talk ever over the phone and in general.
  3. Flying to Chicago to live with my striper friend candy.
  4. Man I just had a zipper bust on my checked bag son of a bitch
  5. I hear yah but I have a job and I hustle the card is just my back up for all my whole food needs Besides I like cooking at home fuck eating out
  6. "You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers and say, That's the bad guy." Scar face
  7. Hoes yes they wana bob me Nigga yeah they get sloppy Dribble down like salami Coke keys no copy
  8. I love the fact I blurred out some knowledge and no one caught it.
  9. He'll yeah I teach kids how to distract and get the attention of the camera guys Loss prevention ain't got shit on my team Can you say rare earth magnet?
  10. I chase my cat around the house for fun. I stash things in other peoples houses without them knowing I also don't go by a real name simply cause I hate my real name. I fake taking anger management classes on skype in order to get back with this Jew broad I used to smash . I talk to myself while I'm working out I practice stealing my own things at home just so Perfect the speed on my racking I pretend to pick my nose when someone is starring too long.
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