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  1. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! Jean!
  2. False she ain't worth a shell. Tpbm didn't get any gifts.
  3. I try and open most doors even when I'm not supposed to
  4. Polish sausage. With onion rings and a pink lemonade
  5. That fur cup has killed more men then bullets have.
  6. ninja turtle bowls i had em i was born in 89.
  7. I come on this website while people are looking over my shoulder. im a rugged nigger i plain and simply dont give a fuck.
  8. Thinking about my beautiful roomy and how i want to bang her in every position possible.
  9. True TPBM has no idea what APA is
  10. False TPBM dresses up for halloween every year.
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