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  1. I just ate hot wings & ranch flavored Doritos.
  2. Re: random thoughts I want the ferrari of dogs.
  3. I hate hash tags # y the fuck does everyone find the need to use them who started this trend its gay?#
  4. two cucumbers. wait just one I got hungry.
  5. Hate when my roommates gf slams the toilet seat she's ratchet and needs to find herself a job.
  6. True Tpbm is not familiar with re rock
  7. At the bar waiting on a hit drinking hoegarden slinging dope
  8. True but I gave up doing coke so now I'm taking it easy on my drinks Tpbm has fucked more than one BBw
  9. I got in trouble for selling weed to some old ladies on camera
  10. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! Jean!
  11. False she ain't worth a shell. Tpbm didn't get any gifts.
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