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  1. I just ate hot wings & ranch flavored Doritos.
  2. Re: random thoughts I want the ferrari of dogs.
  3. I hate hash tags # y the fuck does everyone find the need to use them who started this trend its gay?#
  4. Choppers- (Chicago) this meal is 6 bucks
  5. two cucumbers. wait just one I got hungry.
  6. Im having a kid of my own, on moth two only, this little guy is soon going to be round roundhousing her belly soon.
  7. Hate when my roommates gf slams the toilet seat she's ratchet and needs to find herself a job.
  8. True Tpbm is not familiar with re rock
  9. At the bar waiting on a hit drinking hoegarden slinging dope
  10. True but I gave up doing coke so now I'm taking it easy on my drinks Tpbm has fucked more than one BBw
  11. I got in trouble for selling weed to some old ladies on camera
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