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  1. I think it will be gemma or unser too, gemma because she doesnt want anything to happen to jax and the kids, unser because he feels betrayed, and with clay out of the picture he can finaly beat gemmas cheeks without reprocussions
  2. The puerto rican bitch from new york undercover is madhot, and I want to beat her cheeks extra hard for about 3& a half minutes!
  3. I flew from Detroit to San Diego to visit a friend on sept 10th , woke up to the newsand found out my return flight was cancelled , had to get a ride to hollywood to catch the closest running grayhoundtook that bish to Vegas then rented a whip and drove all the way back to Detroit, ever since then I been like FUCK ARABS!
  4. Who got a link to the video of risk and some other cat doin a wall where risk was puncturing cans with a knife to do the fills, my boy was tellin me about it but cant find the video anywhere. Much respect to the whole msk crew
  5. Just thought the interior of the last one was ill
  6. Bad ass hemi cuda I always liked the old dodge hot rod characters and lettering Jeepster concept Jeepster top view
  7. Tried one of these....nasty ! Went to the Chrysler museum Willys concepr jeep Tomahawk!
  8. LMAO right! And to those askin for the nudes, sorry I cant help out in that area. Shes an old hippie broad anyhoo, doubt anyone wants to see zombie hippie bitches naked
  9. Nope not bi polar just have occasional panic attacks from stress, my sister takes the shit for shits and gigs and told me ots just like xanax
  10. Yea it scared the bu jeezes outta me, I will never touch it again
  11. About how your mom let me pee in her butt? Or somethin else?
  12. So I have anxiety issues that are brought on by stress, but cant take xanax anymore because of DOT regulations, anyway...i was having a shitty day and called my sister to see if she had a xanax cause I was on vacation and didnt have to worry about a random. This bitch hits me off with 2 seroquel 200s and I almost got put on a milk carton, that shit is NOT the same as xanax. Bitch had me sunk in the couch for a day and a half tryin to nott drool and pee on myself.
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