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  1. iguana fart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QqUFopqVnU eh marine
  2. ^^^ yeah, thats pretty basic everyday life type shit for me too.....
  3. StoneBonerOner


    it was alright, worth a rent, lots of shit to do, they made it so you can see up to 7000 zombies on the screen at once, only thing was long ass load times (cut scene,load,another cut scene,load,gameplay)
  4. StoneBonerOner


    just beat Dead Rising 2, playin some grand theft horse now. something to fill the void while i wait for Fallout New Vegas.
  5. but still.... he does look a lot like... this other famous guy.
  6. going to an advance screening of this tonight. looks like just another teen thriller, we will see.
  7. here i sit broken hearted, paid a dime but only farted. next time i will take a chance keep my change and shart my pants.
  8. i was in and out the hospital for almost half a year a few years back. this was the view from my room. private room, satelite tv, hot nurses waiting on me all day....
  9. this one changes 2 letters but it makes sense the fart and the furious: tokyo draft
  10. OH I KNOES ONE GUYS! family gay! everybody loves gaymond! judgement gay! step your game up style wart c.s.x. crime scene investigation faygo /nojuggalo
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