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  1. Thanks for the honesty. I was kinda drunken rambling when i worded my question last night. I would like to be able to begin tattooing professionally in time. I appreciate the feedback...
  2. hey seeking... give me some advice about apprenticing because apparently the shop wants me to work for them based on the artwork i've shown them. what should i expect and how much shit should i take... be real with me. i know you're legit as an artist which means i respect your art and opinion. but i need to know what i'm getting myself into... i start tomorrow. seriously... i don't need fools stepping over me or wasting my time. i'm not a free maid or someone's bitch. tell me what the deal is...please.
  3. it's got me logged in at least a year and running now... i hope i never come across this issue. my password is around here somewhere.
  4. ^^ concept or the tattoo itself? either way im happy with it. of course there were issues that i wanted to fix... but i traded him this tattoo for a couple of paintings so it's "art for art"... it just means alot to me. your disapproval is understood.
  5. my lady brought this up as a subject over dinner tonight... my response was "whatever"... they were good at some point though. probably still are... just not as enthused as i was 10 years ago.
  6. got this done a couple days ago... flicks aren't too great. Sean McQueary at Queen City Tattoo in Dallas. ignore the big glob of ink toward my elbow...it's suppose to be another lightning bolt but i didn't clean up the excess very well.
  7. "..." those drawings are siiiick. trying to figure out how to make this girl pop off the background...color...pattern...color pattern? this is a collaboration i worked on with a homie... work in progress... digitized above sketch for fun...
  8. yea... the snout bugs me too. i'm sure i'll tweak it up a bit. and that drawing is really ill. i like it alot.
  9. that girl on the left reminds me of an old friend of mine. he died of ball cancer back in '01. RIP
  10. holy hell... you are a beast! makes me not wanna post anything afterward... but we gotta keep the ball rolling. sketched last night...painted tonight.
  11. i got tired of investing so much time on the large painting of this... so i painted it smaller. i'm not too happy with it but i'm ready to move on to something else. 15" x 22" watercolor and ink on wood
  12. groyn shmoyn


    got tired of deus ex and regretfully buying it... so i picked this up. THIS is the game i've been waiting for... so sick.
  13. i had also mentioned a couple of pages back in july about working on this painting from a sketch i did. i've grown demotivated to finish it in the time frame i originally intended...slowly but surely...
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