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  1. I heard the rumors of them being scrapped amongst friends of mine as well... I remember hearing the rumors about the UPFEs and they turned out to be true.. as far as the armns go, I THINK that all the baby ridges are getting scrapped, the chilled expresses, and so forth.. but they are keeping the extended flats around. I could be wrong but one bit of evidence that i've seen first hand is a rail company that took on a contract of fixing all the extended flats. That is all they pulled in and released. I think it had to do with the shocks, and some other stuff to be fixed. But for upto 6 months that is in fact all i would see. Tell me if im right in 2 years.
  2. DUDER

    Spray Paint

    Thank you Oinkart for giving us that feedback. Flame Blue only says it's made in the EU on the cans. God I hope you are wrong about it as I think of the 50 plus cans I have.. guess I'll just save them for walls if i ever get the chance to paint any this year. I guess I'll just have to stick to Belton and Molotow. Now my next question is, and has probably already been covered.. But for thoughs who order paint.. Where do you prefer to get yours? I have only ordered from ArtPrimo, and everytime I see what Oinkart has to offer I have been very impressed with the honesty, and prices they have to offer. They even beat store brand prices. But I'm looking for some places that offer free shipping up to a certain amount or places that already have great prices. smh.. Flame Blue.
  3. DUDER

    Spray Paint

    I think that's a really good question.. We need to find out what paints last on trains.. Yes Rusto does.. but what about the graff paints. In regards to montana gold.. I don't know. I can say that I used some belton molotow for a outline like 6 years ago, and this year that train got benched, and it's still holding up!! I want to know about FLAME BLUE.. I love how that paint flows. It could be the best if it can hold up. These brands are too new to know or predict. Sometime i feel they are aimed for the canvas painter, and wall productions more than anything.. but they could be sooooo good for metal if they last.
  4. A few, and I do mean few of the acts would be cool to see. But they are aiming too high. The fuck does Snoop or Wiz have anything to do with anything? I remember when half the performers were the battlers themselves. It use to be interesting in the back pack days. Come on now Dibbs! Things'll never be the same. If you want to put on some super show then do it. But I don't see this going hand in hand with D.J.s Graff writers, and even the bboys At least in the past there was a sense of everyone being on the same page The real heads aren't going to be there... the ones who supported this cause for years. This has turned into a watered down event for hipster faggots, and fuck boys.
  5. This is B-Boy Cloud. Heś big in the bboy world, and has done side things like dancing for Madonna. This is just him joking around. He has a few other videos where he pulls these little stunts. It looks real as hell but knowing its a joke makes it even funnier when you see it.
  6. I remember sudz, and wondered the same thing once.
  7. These dude kill it, I´ve seen it. Give me an application.
  8. More benching from Iowa. Keep it going! Everything, even the crappy stuff.
  9. ATB got tankers crushed harder then they ever been. Its all I see. Holms, ceks, swerv, lute
  10. I think that the kids should all have been shot in the head for retribution. Seriously. If I ever catch any of your kids growing up and bucking up on innocent people like that, you can bet Iĺl fucking kill em.
  11. yeah, it cleans up with water... sounds as wack as Krylons H20. Why would you want to wash off spray paint?
  12. DUDER


    I pointed out the same thing once, and 100% juice told me that I didnt know what I was talking about because the style was handed down to them. hmmmmm.
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