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  1. -waiting to get paid$$$$ -wanting to go home already...
  2. -waiting for girlie to finish get'n ready... as usual.. haha.. -smoking an empty bowl cuz i'm wait'n to get paid.. -drinking beeeeerz.. whats new?
  3. couple beers + herbss + teh sex'n = win...
  4. -smoking a cigerette. -enjoying my girls company. -watching a stupid movie..
  5. i stand corrected... sorry, it's late. been a long day.. thanks lugr. lotta good pics here...
  6. i'm sorry, but i'ma have to say trash... look at that face... looks semi retarded.... up yer standards gentlemen........ no offence, jus say'n...
  7. ^hahaaha... i hate the whole /NH shit, but he def shoulda added it in this case..
  8. couple oldies. an something from last week or so,
  9. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** that show was real dope, except for the weather.. fucking pouring rain that turned the whole place into one giant mud puddle. i remember tying plastic bags around my new kicks just so they wouldn't get completly ruined... good times tho..
  10. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** yep yep, write it up spicey chicken comboss..
  11. -drinking beeeeerzz.. -waiting for stiller season 2010 to start in a little over an hour n a half..
  12. -waiting for girlfacekiller to get ready. -drooling about where we're going for diner. -missing an art show dahntahn that sounded interesting. -drinking beers. -waiting on my brother to leave for work so i don't gotta share the last of my herbs = badbotheroner. -deciding on what movie to go see.
  13. -just got into the office. -sip'n iced coffee. -listening to blockhead "uncle tonys coloring book".
  14. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** i'll be at that "art of battle" yinz n'at.. glad this thread keeps me outta my own head sometimes an busy.. an like yinz said, next list??
  15. -about to start working on these floor plans again. -sipping coffee. switching to beer ina few minute. -not looking forward to having to walk down and then back up 4 flights of stairs to aquire more beer... fuuuu.. i'm lazy.
  16. -just crack'n my 5th beer since 5:30. -packing a fresh bowlery. -"working" on some floor plans for the jobby. -bout to wake my girl up from her nap -> possible suprize secs.
  17. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** ok, finally post'n.. sorry for the delay.. 1. arch 2. copper 3. inconvenience, but nice plate. 4. ticket - found this while cleaning/organizing.. this show was deeeope.. 5. drink. 6. scar - shitty pic. 7. bar. 8. lettering. 9. ignited - complete with cracked finger nail. 10. ballon 11. neon. 12. chaulk - not really.. bonus: * pervact ** ch. 0 related - was lifted and looked like an evil rabbit.. how that's ch. 0 related, i don't know..
  18. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** i'm slacke'n hardcore here yinz... gonna be another day or so.. i kinda failed.. thought this list was more difficult than past ones.
  19. ^drizzznuuuunk.. -bored. -go'n to sleep..... -think'n boat chill'n/day in pies tomorrow..
  20. -just finished rip'n some vines outta the pine tree at my girls house = manly shit.. hahaha -drinking beers. -bout to get some drawing done for work.. -get'n paid right now as i type for the above mentioned drawings..
  21. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** good stuff so far posted.. i'ma be a day late most likely..
  22. i enjoy some good nugs, but could care less about it's name, origin or thc content or whatthefuckeveeerr... if it tastes good and gets me lifted, werd... and i can appreciate a good roll of tape.. shit's usefull as hell, especially to tape the mouth shut of some idiot get'n all super smart about how great his herb is.. good thread. would read again..
  23. -watching a lame ass movie. -enjoying my beer. -bout to smoke a lil doobie... -looking forward to my girl taking me out for dinner.
  24. find an authentic cuban spot. order a cubano sandwich. thank me later.. other than that, try not to melt from the insain humidity/heat.
  25. -pre-game'n for a game that i don't know exists. -listening to: company flow - funcrusher plus. -watching the idiots out my windows.. -trying to figure out what kinda trouble to get into tonight.
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