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  1. Haha yeah....I played Manute, who didn't know it was a joke when he made the thread Definately a believable story about me though haha
  2. I live with 2 of my boys in a 2 bedroom apartment which might suck usually, but in my group of friends petty arguments and retarded shit like that doesn't happen so it's straight. We live in a nice neighborhood, but have an absolute shithole apartment (mostly because we treat it that way). The good thing is our rent is cheap and our landlord doesn't ever bother us. Also, noone else lives on the 1st or 3rd floors, so us and all our boys just act a fuckin fool. We used to have wild ass parties and shit, but now the police pressure on the house is crazy and keeping us from bein able to make moves
  3. You pieced the boyfriend up and spit on the bitch...exact same shit I woulda done cept I woulda prolly beat dude a little worse and knocked the bitch out too once she touched me. Then you made the smart decision by not pressing the issue with the bouncers, but I can easily see how you'd feel like a bitch gettin ran for your hat Fuck it, chock it up as a loss, then go back and catch tags all over the Hummer
  4. He didn't know it was fake either....him and one of my other homies thought I was facing 10-15 haha
  5. Like I said, this wasn't meant to be a prank on the ounce, but I guess that makes it even better Did Manute tell the whole story in detail? That shit was pretty epic....on some straight up rediculous, but completely believable for me type steez
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone, but ya boy is still free and still on house arrest Manute Bol and one of my other boys has been really slacking on visiting me while I've been locked down, so me and a few of the homies convinced them that I wyled out last night and ended up locked up. We told him that I violated my probation, was charged as an escapee, got 2 counts of damaging property, one of home invasion, and 4 of felony assault, one with a domestic violence enhancement and was facing 10-15 years with no chance of bail while awaiting trial He felt like a real piece of shit, as
  7. I def feel you on the being super attractive tip, but I think that comparison is pretty stupid cuz I'm lettin an ugly chick suck my dick for money. I mean shit, I'm prolly doin it just cuz I'm drunk
  8. I'm not even saying anything about being friends with a homo, its the disrespect of a "friend" offering you money to suck your dick, knowing your straight
  9. And you didn't break his jaw? And you stayed friends after this? Fuckkkkkk that And Dawood's story is pure gold...goin homo in jail is terrible as it is, nevermind on a fuckin little 2 year poke bid. That's some rediculous shit
  10. Steak quesadilla, grande soft taco, cheesy fiesta potatoes, and chicken taquitos with sour cream....just finished em actually
  11. Gay for pay is is the most rediculous thing I've ever heard If you fuck dudes, for any reason, then you are A FUCKING FAGGOT How the fuck are people fucking dudes for a living then saying they're straight?
  12. Most of the strip clubs around here are topless and serve alcohol, then there's 2 that are full nude; one is BYOB, one doesn't have alcohol period All of them are 21+ except the one with no alcohol, so me and my boys just get wasted beforehand (which I'm sure I'd do anyways, as that's what I do before goin anywhere ha) Anyways, its usually a pretty good time, and good for a laugh too since the place is mad scummy...first time I went I was dumb and blew my re-up and my bill money, but I did get some dome from a hot black chick. Now I don't spend any money when I go except the cover, $
  13. That is the stupidest thing I've ever fuckin read. Can't be that we were born there, or are too broke to live anywhere else, or anything like that right? Obviously its having somethin to prove :rolleyes: Anyways, I prolly would of beat dude's ass way sooner....even when everyone is bustin balls, some people just have a way of standing out and looking like a complete fuckin asshole, just begging for a beating. And I've got one Piru homie, actually down with my crew....dude is calm as fuck, mad chill, but when he snaps that's it. I'm willin to bet he's way more dangerous than the rest
  14. How come when I talk about fucking 15 and 16 year old girls everyone gets all high and mighty with me, and I'm only 19.
  15. Esteban Carpio....killed a detective in the Providence Police station, jumped out a 3rd floor window, then was on the run in downtown for awhile before a cabbie called in and ratted him out. That was how they brought him into court to arraign him...he must have fallen MAD times. After that picture was taken he also attacked a few guards at the ACI, breakin someones jaw, and arm too I think
  16. You need to AT LEAST PM me the picture Deets...come on son, we Handsome!
  17. I wish my girl had done this when she was 16 instead of bullshitting around for 2 years before deciding her parents were right I mean, at least this bitch committed to a course of action
  18. Over the last few years my clothes have definately gotten smaller....I went from rockin 2 or 3x tee's and hoodies to only an XL (and I'm a big dude...6'0, 250ish) My pants are still the same, 36 waist sagged wayyyy below my ass. Actually, even more of my ass shows now because my shirts are smaller. Fuck it, its comfortable to me
  19. I'm on house arrest, so I can't go out OR get drunk. Fuck you, rookie.
  20. AyeBee


    Why is it soooooo fuckin easy to pick up girls you work with? Like not even fair easy? Anyways, the only girl I've ever seriously got involved with that I worked with I ended up dating for 2 years. I mean don't get me wrong it definately fucked shit up...anytime we fought shit would be mad awkward at work and it would make everyone uncomfortable as fuck. Eventually she ended up having to quit and I ended up getting fired all because of our relationship, but we still stayed together for another year after that Oh yeah, it was the single most amazing piece of pussy I've ever had
  21. :lol: :lol: We need some more, slightly original versions of me lol
  22. I don't really do the scratch ticket thing, but I did win $100 at the track today Me and my little sister actually both hit the same machine for $100, back to back. Muthafuckas around us were PISSED
  23. A cousin? Seriously? Who the fuck even cares about their cousins?
  24. I got way better gear and a hood pass haha Ditto haha...although I will say this, 2 years back that coulda been me, minus all the retarded hand gestures and trying to look overly hard
  25. I've been rockin PB&J waffle sandwiches for years, fuckin delicous
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