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  1. I'm hoping to have quite a few wild stories from this weekend, cuz not only is one of my best friends is coming home from the Air Force, but it's also my last weekend of freedom before house arrest starts Thursday we're hittin this grimey ass strip club, Friday we're having a giant party at my crib, and Saturday we're gunna hit the club
  2. I'm still plenty welcome there, but I don't go to clubs unless I'm working Actually though, I am goin there Saturday cuz my boy is coming home from the Air Force and he wants to go
  3. Yo edogg, your boyfriend is a complete loser and you're retarded for staying with him
  4. Yeah, I was fired Dude didn't have the balls to straight up tell me I was, he just never put me on the schedule again Oh well..money was good, but I like having my nights to myself also
  5. I need a new backpack. I had an ill Northface one but lost it when the boys in blue raided an Amtrak tunnel
  6. Show is dumb funny, and these dudes actually seem to genuinely like eachother which is surprising ha
  7. I'm glad to see most people on here are clowning this kid along with me...I expected this to be one of those things where people were like "OMG, SOME SCUMBAG STOLE YOUR BACKPACK?! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO" Sometimes the population of Channel Zero feels very anti-criminal...this isn't one of those times
  8. I'm considering entering into my first actual relationship since the terrible, well documented break up with my ex. I go on house arrest in 8 days, and this one chick I know would be cool to "date" during this time frame...she'd come over, chill, watch movies, cook me dinner, fuck me, etc etc After the 90 days is over I'll break up with her. She'll most likely laugh about it and say something like "I shoulda known", cuz I'm a real dick to her usually I'm a fuckin asshole who hates women. Whatever/
  9. AyeBee


    FUCK, I fuckin hate bananas so much. Bananas and anything banana flavored...fucking horrible Platanos are good though.
  10. So basically you think someone is scum of the earth for stealing your backpack? Man, I am a scumbag 1,000 times over. I guess this makes me way more of a scumbag than the whole fucking 15 year olds thing
  11. Iono, sounds to me like you got punked
  12. That's what n00bs get for tryin to run reckless in my thread
  13. I don't drink beer, but on a semi-related note I've been drinking wayyyyyy too much lately. Not that I'm drinking too often, cuz I drink more or less everyday anyways, but now when I drink I'm drinking way more than usual, and just getting beyond drunk This resulted in me blowing my re-up and my bill money last night, and plus the last few mornings I've woke up and had to practically run to the toilet before vodka shits just start spewing from my ass
  14. Also, there have been times when I've gotten away and just there was no possible way it should have happened, so I'm sure that had them slamming shit around back at the office, fucking rip shit angry
  15. The police the next town over from me absolutely hate me...they think I was spitting in their food, and I'm the suspect in about 5096789056569087 open investigations, all of which can be traced back to my ex girl's psychotic fuckin mother But anyways, worse I've ever done was fucking the girlfriend of the nephew of one of the above forementioned cops, then telling him that I was gunna rape his grandmother with his baton. Later on I ended up learning the dude grew up with my dad and was a sparring partner at a gym he worked out in (my dad used to be a pro kickboxer). Turns out the muthafuc
  16. Wait, wait...I'm definately Destruction league, and I know absolutely nothing about this secret clubhouse A guy stops paying close attention to 12oz for awhile and muthafuckas try to cut him out the loop? Someone PM me
  17. I rock a very well trimmed, Puerto Rica looking beard that runs along my jawline I remember a few years back I couldn't get into my regular barbershop for a few hours and I was leaving to VA and just needed to get my head shaved to a 1, so I hit up this old white dude kinda near my crib, like serious a fuckin 100 years old. Anyways, he actually is doing an alright job until BOOM, takes my sideburn clean off...fuck.
  18. That's what I've heard as well, and I'd definately say I believe it
  19. As I said, I'm far from skinny but I am disgusted by severely obese people. I just can't see how someone would allow themselves to get like that
  20. They're illegal here in RI unless you register them, which I of course didn't do cuz paperwork just isn't my strong point And the smell isn't bad as long as you clean their cage (although Pooty doesn't even have one anymore) and bathe them fairly often
  21. my ferret is cute as fuck and you know it, no homo. Matter of fact, I just had 2 Bloods confirm it, so none of you need to worry about lookin like pansies..thinkin this is cute is hood certified.
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