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  1. I drink too much and cause problems, mostly for myself. That's my vice of choice, fuck drugs of any kind. Drugs are a business, not a recreation. My sister has done every drug in the world, and enough of each to kill an elephant probably, and never been addicted to anything in her life except vikes. She's fuckin BADDDD when she can't get her hands on them, shit is sad
  2. AyeBee

    Shoe Size?

    I wear a 10.5/11 usually. Since I have a slight obsession with sneakers I'll wear anything as small as a 10 in girls (with the soles taken out), to anything as big as a 12 or so.
  3. ^ Suck it up bitch. Get your ass outta bed and come tonight, only 2 nights of freedom left
  4. My oparyt was fycjin WILD, definately the bets one we've thrown yet Ma dbitches and muthaufckas everywhereeee, i almost beef with a couple of Damu niggas over some old shit but it got swuahesed right before shit popped off, then more fun, lots of alcohol, me and a few homiesd got put down with another crew for some reaosn, which is suually not our steez but fuck it Around 2 the cops shwed up and thre bout 50 people out, I have fucke dup legal situation so i bounced too, and my 2 roomates were supposed to stay and admit to living her ebut they dippedtoo sdo the cops searched the hous
  5. Muscles ain't really my thing...I'm just a big boy with alot of rage issues haha Other than that though, you're dead on
  6. I'm 6'0, about 230ish I wear 36x32 usually...I wear my pants below my ass, and people are always telling me to pull them up cuz I only wear an XL in shirts/hoodies/jackets, so my boxers are always hangin out. My response is generally that my pants needa be that lo,w I got schwag drippin out my ass haha Also, I'm prolly alot tougher than most people on here, however threats over the internet are pretty pointless most times, I thought you guys would know that by now
  7. If I was anywhere in the area I'd be yodeling for sure...I'm interested in hearing what's up for grabs though
  8. Haha...who's tryin to pay for ya boy's airfare? I'll make it a mad worthwhile picture thread, no doubt. Even better if you send me and Gliks together, no homo. Better make it quick though, house arrest starts in a few days
  9. I'd start robbin 7-11's or something, cuz personally I'm lookin for at least $500
  10. I see TOS lurking haha What's up ya sick muthafucka?
  11. AyeBee

    Yo Gliks

    I just watched that REAL TALK video you posted in the blogs awhile back and wow...just wow hahahahaha That is all.
  12. I should add a disclaimer to this before someone else (most likely Catface) gets a chance to. BLAH BLAH BLAH, DON'T DO WHAT I DID, LOOK HOW I TURNED OUT. :rolleyes:
  13. When I was 17 I dropped out of highschool, painted mass amounts of graffiti, stole alot of shit, started getting into pretty regular beefs, met the girl that would take over the next 2+ years of my life, was having sex about 10 times a day, and working fulltime learning how to open/run a kitchen with no experience or help. I had maddddddd fuckin fun.
  14. I took tonight off cuz I went HARD last night, and ended up puking stomach bile all morning til about 4 this afternoon. Actually, I still have a fuckin splitting headache. Tomorrow my boy Chris gets home from 3 months in basic training. Not only that, but it's my last weekend of freedom so shit is gunna be wild. Tomorrow night we're gunna get smashed at my criib, hit some faggy club that my boy hooked us up with VIP for (cuz Chris is a club fag on the low haha), then to the stirp club after Friday night we're having a wild party at my crib Saturday night we're gettin fucked
  15. Yeah man, you know me haha Actually though, I try to avoid hipster parties. And college parties. And hood parties. I like parties to have a real good mix of people in general My parties are always mad crazy to look at...when you get up the stairs the staircase is always filled with graffiti writing scumbags, all huddled around eachother high/drunk as fuck. When you enter the house there's usually a congregation of some skateboarding kids. Off in the firts side room you have all the potheads, then the main area of the kitchen is filled with drunk, slutty white girls. Moving towards my
  16. Don't worry, I carry on the fine tradition for you
  17. Oddly enough, I dissed some kids fillin the other day and wrote up "I'll slap off ya kufi" Random.
  18. By the way, I'm still feeling like complete shit. I kept throwing up bile until about 4 o'clock, then I ate something, and I've held it down but my fucking head feels like it's gunna split in half still
  19. I got ya lil friend request thing and was like WHATHEFUCKWHATTHEFUCK One WTF for why do you have a Facebook, and the 2nd for how you even found my ass on there haha I fuckin hate Facebook, so much harder to pick up bitches than MySpace
  20. I just finished puking up an insane amount of stomach bile I haven't puked, or even been hungover, in a very long time. This sucks.
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