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  1. I didn't actually watch the video, but from the responses I get the feeling it's not a cute lil preppy, cheerleader lookin chick wearing Hollister. That would make the answer a big no.
  2. I don't know a whole lot of hipster writers...then again, my city doesn't have a large hipster population period.
  3. Like I said, I couldn't possibly go that far to fuck a 13 year old, I'm just makin a point about bitches lookin like grown women
  4. By the end of 2008 I will most likely have served at least a few months in jail...on the 25th I turn myself in for 1 day, then I get out and do 3 months of house arrest ending on May 25th. After that, I'll have a year suspended hanging over my head so I"ll be hittin jail if I get arrested....I haven't gone more than 6 months or so without getting arrested since I was 15, so it doesn't look too good for me Other then that, I'd like to have a new job or at least have gotten a promotion at mine It also wouldn't be too bad to be enrolled in some kinda trade school, learning something tha
  5. So I was browsing MySpace today and came across this girl's page THIS BITCH IS ONLY FUCKING 13. Jesus fuckin christ...I could NEVER go that far, but shit like this makes me wish I could. Some lucky scumbag out there is prolly fucking some hot ass 13 year old, just not giving a fuck or having any kind of morals...I envy this man hahaha Get mad.
  6. And this is why this man has a happy marriage
  7. I'm a pretty big dude myself, not "in shape" at all, but I don't get out of breath walking up and down stairs and I'm strong as a ox, so I don't really care And I've definately never made fun of anyone for being in shape...but meatheads, that's a whole other game
  8. Hallmark Day ended up kinda shitty for me. First, everyone flaked on the strip club plans, deciding to go tomorrow instead. Then we had 3 chicks over the house..one I wanted to fuck, one that was dickin me hard, and one that was up for grabs for all the boys. The one I wanted to fuck got drunk and kept comin into my room to try and be alone, hen her friend who wanted to fuck me (I'd had to have been wayd runker then I am to hit it) kept following in right after her, cockblockin the fuck outta me. After literally hourssssss of planning and strategy we finally got her out of the crib, but by the
  9. Coulda sworn I remembered you saying that before?
  10. Yo Porc, ain't ya girl 15? Fuck kinda office is she working in?
  11. Don't feel bad, when I had a girl I did the exact same kinda shit....all that, plus a diamond ring one year, then a pair of Chanel glasses the next Hallmark Day is already pissin me off. I had court this morning, and after that headed straight to the barbershop to get there nice and early before most of these muthafuckas would even usually be awake, but because its Valentines Day and they need haircuts this place is already jumpin
  12. "...because 16 year old girls are just way hotter" Haha...truer words I have never spoken
  13. Th other thread was for dumb men to share ideas amongst themselves...this is for those same dumb men to share the plans they decided upon
  14. Personally, I don't celebrate Hallmark Day so I'm gunna get drunk with some of the homies, hit the strip club, and try to end up with my balls in some whores mouth. Everyone else?
  15. Whoa whoa...I want homo dungeon memorabilia, no homo. Come on ASS, hook me up...bouncer love son. Again, major no homo.
  16. I wish I could be as cool as RA I saw him in Boston once and ya boy was on stage talkin to some girl goin "You were at my last show right baby? Yeah, you're beautiful..god, I just wanna fuck your neck"
  17. Yeah, one said said "Bro Rapers" and one said "Challengers", plus we had a few corporate logos on that bitch haha...gotta show love for our sponsors and what not I'm sure the outside of the booth is gunna end up getting painted at some point, there's too many cans in this house for it to NOT happen
  18. I forgot to mention that. People who tip get EXCEPTIONAL cuts haha...try and give it to us with no other employees around, always some rat fuck who wants to go run to management and tell em you accepted a tip
  19. If you actually need something cut to a specific size, I'd recommend NOT going to The Home Depot I work there, and know for a fact damn near every cut I do is off by at LEAST a few eighths of an inch. Not only do we hafta do mad cuts all day and just get lazy, but we only have access to shitty rip saws with dull blades, hence the policy of not guaranteeing exact cuts. I mean, don't get me wrong, it can be done...I made all the cuts for that booth on a Home Depot saw, but I was doing it for myself so I went the extra mile and took all the proper steps to ensure accurate cuts. I don't do th
  20. Re: You want the blocks? :lol: That was pretty fuckin funny
  21. Well, I'm actually from RI so RISD is out of the question, they don't like home town heroes too much haha That other shit looks kinda cool...who knows, maybe I've found a way to turn my life around and become a respectable member of society. Prolly not though.
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